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Dr. New Me is my Cosmetic Surgery Business Identity!

However, I'm a much greater being than that!

We are all much greater than our professions, our titles, our jobs, aren't we?

Most importantly we are spiritual beings!

We are here with a purpose and a calling!

The goal is to find that purpose for ourselves and decide what to do during the few days that we are here on Earth to fulfill that calling!

This is my spiritual philosophy of life!


It is normal to feel lost some times. We all do. The bigger our purpose and calling in life, the bigger and complex the puzzle is. It may take quite many years to finally tune-into your calling. I have found my way home, to my path in life, by reflecting in! I know who I am, and I know what I am here to do! But being a human, at times, we all make mistakes and lose our way home! The most important thing is to always remember that, above all else, we are spiritual beings! No matter what happens in life, our titles, our assets, our properties, our relationships,  perspectives of others about us, and nothing else should define who we are! It is our relationship to our our God, our higher-calling, and our purpose in life that defines us! No matter how badly we lose our way in life, the guiding light, the compus within our heart is the light of God within! Our spiritual calling! Our higher self! I call it our “SPIRITUAL DNA”! Reflecting inwards, it will always bring us back home!! – (I published a book titled “Spiritual DNA” in 2006. I will post part of it in the BLOGS section as an article for your further edification!)

I was born into a family that was highly spiritual from both sides. Both my great-grandfathers were spiritual teachers. My grandfathers were my spiritual guiding lights, my best friends, and my teachers while I was growing up as a boy.

My father was a humanitarian doctor and a philanthropist who served the poorest villagers in the mountainous areas of the border region between Iran and Iraq, where I was born. He was a government administrator of the healthcare system in an extremely underserved area, and he served this community with passion, humility, and kindness. So I witnessed  Godliness, and humanitarian spirit of selfless giving first-hand in my father, and those working with him since I was born.

I have always been fascinated by spiritual teachings, self-help, and study of psychology, and I am insatiable when it comes to these subjects.

In 1990, I took a one-year-long leadership course, and John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” was the graduation song. When the song played overhead and Lennon said the words …” Imagine…                               

Imagine All The People, …, Living Life in Peace, …, There is No Country, …, Nothing to Kill or Die for, …, and No Religion too,…, …, You  May Say I am a Dreamer, … But I am Not the Only One, … I hope Some Day You’ll Join Us, …and the world would be one…”

I joined! I imagined! I dreamed! But I did more! I acted!         

The result was the Messiah International Foundation! Since 1991, I started actively working as a volunteer in these types of philanthropic settings, and in 1998, I established the Messiah International Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization.

But life is interesting!

Life is a “School”- called “School of Hard Knocks”, and it does not let you graduate to do the things you “want to do”, until “it is time”!

The timing is determined by life and it depends on many factors.

So, all we get to do is do our best.

We must remain committed, and do our best under the circumstances.

We must believe in the light within, and trust in the source! 

We all make mistakes, and mistakes cost us in life. Not just financially, but in terms of time, emotional, opportunity cost, and maybe even physical. One mistake can cause an accident, costing our life, or someone else’s life, right? 

While “Life” is the best teacher, which teaches us the most valuable lessons of our life, through “Experience”; and there is no school better than a school of hard knocks, the most horrible, unintelligent way to learn is through trial and error! Isn’t that true?

Those who dare to go for their goals and give it a shot learn from their own experiences, and mistakes, through trial and error, but that is the long way, and by definition, it takes the most amount of time to get the results!

However, those students of life who are brilliant learn from the experiences of others. When you learn from the experiences of others, you don’t have to make the same mistakes that they have made, which will save you a great deal of time, heartache, and pain, and that is why I say that they are brilliant people! I decided to create this website for several reasons!

First of all, I needed to communicate with my thousands of Cosmetic Surgery patients and colleagues from around the world and share my story & experiences! They kept requesting that I do that, so I finally decided to do it!

Secondly, I am a thinker, the type of person who is constantly learning, is curious about life, loves to experience new things, loves to share his experiences, and is a natural teacher! I love to teach and share my knowledge! For a bird to be fulfilled, it must fly! That is what a bird is born to do! Putting a bird in a cage will make the bird miserable and eventually destroy its spirit. Each of us has a purpose for our existence! There is a reason why we were created and born! It is our responsibility to discover what that is and fulfill our calling. To be fulfilled and truly happy, we must discover what the purpose of our creation is, master that which we were born to do, and do it to the best of our ability.

The interesting thing is that I am a pretty complex person who has multiple talents, and many interests. Being very inquisitive, and naturally curious person, with an insatiable appetite for education and learning new things, finding my calling in life was like attempting to hit a moving target. But I knew that it had to include teaching, writing, business and entrepreneurship, sciences, wholistic and allopathic medicine, surgery and helping others through them, leadership, philanthropy, spirituality, comparative religious studies, history, geography, sociology, psychology, constantly learning, sharing what I learn with others, giving public talks regarding social matters that make a huge difference in the world, personal growth, self-development, global business and leadership, artistic expression, invention, technology and learning about the most advanced things on the horizon. Given this multitude of interests and passions, I realized that I could not possibly remain in one single profession for a lifetime, and lock myself in a single office as a solo practitioner which was what I ended up doing as a very busy cosmetic surgeon, or even a multi-hospital or a small region physician-surgeon which was what I did before cosmetic surgery; as what I felt, to be truly happy and consistent with my inner self, I needed to be a global, footloose person, able to deal with global issues, and provide care to people around the world. This is what I am doing now, and I couldn’t be happier. (To be honest, I could be happier if I made a few billion dollars a year, but I’m pretty grateful! I love what I do!)

It took a long time to get here, but it was all worth it.

Since I have known myself, I have realized that I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. It is almost impossible for a day to pass when I don’t learn several new things. These things that I learn are not necessarily in one particular subject matter. I go through life with this sense of curiosity, wonder, and amazement. I am in awe of the world that we live in. The complexity and Interconnection of this world is mind-boggling. Everything and everyone is interconnected. Every molecule, every cell, every energy, and every atom, at some level in some way is interconnected. When you think about it long enough, and recall your studies of sciences, psychology, physiology, spirituality, and religious studies from your school years, you may realize that what I’m saying makes some sense. Looking at our world in that way, then we realize how everything we do, impacts everyone, and everything, in some way. These revelations have been occupying my mind, and have inspired me to create three Non-Profit Organizations that I am leading, intending to share what I have learned in life with others. Through these non-profit organizations, I get to do all the things I love to do.

I also have established a few for-profit organizations that help me satisfy my interests, and fulfill my passions daily:

“As long as we come from a place of judgment, world peace will elude us. The moment we as a people decide to come from a place of tolerance and celebrate that which has given us life, similarity and love; world will become the paradise we speak of. The exciting part is world peace has never been more within the reach of us as connected people. We are no longer isolated communities, we are a global community connected just in time by technology.”

___ Dr. New Me – Shane Sheibani

These spiritual philosophies of life, in combination with everything else that I have been sharing here, and the prospects of sharing them with the world is quite an exciting vision!

Additionally, in my opinion, putting words to action is power! Learning to live the philosophies that one learns in life, while one shares them with others, and teaching by setting an example is the most honest way of showing the effectiveness of one’s spiritual philosophies!   

I have been devouring this information, and I called the science, cumulatively “PsychoSpiritual” Science which I trademarked in 1998, as a name for this field of science as I knew one day I would be teaching it, except I did not know when God would make it so!

Since I can remember, I have been infatuated with the human body. I always felt that the field of medicine, and the human body’s related sciences were my life’s work, and as I shared before my father who was a philanthropist and had a clinic at the end of the yard in our home would have tens of patients waiting for him in his waiting room all day, meaning in our yard, which was my playground.

I was only an infant and basically, I was raised among patients, the sick, and the ailing, witnessing their pain and suffering, their hurt and cries, the smell of blood and watching their tears, medical things like alcohol and cleaning solutions that they used to wipe off surfaces, and the sound of patients crying in pain and all of it. I grew up with all of that.

That was my life since I was born.

*Spirituality,  *Medicine,  *Service to Humanity, * Love for Others, * Continuous Learning, * Medicine, 

Hence, it should not surprise anyone that I grew up loving to learn everything about the human body and anything that had to do with it! I wanted to know everything, so I learned about medicine, surgery, natural medicine, homeopathy, acupressure, holistic medicine, anti-aging medicine, and in short, everything that I could get my hand on! As I was attending medical school, I also completed a Naturopathic Doctorate Degree Program and received my ND degree as well, so I graduated with an MD, ND, and later I studied Antiaging Medicine which happens to be an amazing field of specialty in its own and sat for its board exam.

I also studied Laser Medicine and Surgery and General Medicine and Surgery and Urgent Care.

I worked as a hospitalist and a general practitioner for several years, while I was completing my training, honing in my medical and surgical practice skills. As a name for the science that I thought would be a complete global approach to the inclusive practice of medicine, with the inclusion of PsychoSpiritual Medicine, I chose the name EntireoPathic Medicine and trademarked the name in 1998.

I had started to talk about Transformation and EntireoPathic Medicine and PsychoSpiritual Medicine and all these concepts that were in mind mind at the time, but the problem was that in the early 1990’s, when I was talking about Transformation, and my organization was called Transformation Institute and my concepts of teaching were Entireopathic Medicine and PsychoSpiritual Medicine, the world was definatley not ready for any of this. I was talking about Messiah International and they looked at me funny! They really thought I had lost my mind! That is a problem that I have to this day, which actually is pretty frustrating when people don’t get you, when you think about it! It gets frustrating when you have to explain yourself a million times, and that is why I do better writing things, because I speak too fast, and people tend to not process my words as fast as they come out, so I do better when I put them down on paper. I get to slow down, and don’t get frustrated as much, and they tend to understand what I am trying to get across much better.

The other philosophy that is an incredible philosophy in my mind, and I intend to teach heavily is the philosophy of Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy. It is the concept of Leadership based on the Alpha Male Lion Pride Leader’s method of leading and caring for his pride through accountability and service. 

Lion Pride Leaders are those rare souls who embrace the “Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy” who stand for the sake of the world and humanity! In a lion pride, the lion pride leader is the largest male lion with the attitude of responsibility for the security, safety, and welfare of that entire pride.

He protects and defends that pride’s interest and territory, even at his own expense.


Although he is the strongest of the lions in the pride, and he can use his strength to bully and push the other lions in the pride around, and hurt them, instead, the Alpha male lion pride leader protects the lion pride cubs, females and all the lion pride against all dangers, putting himself in between any danger and the pride.

If there is a predator or any risk facing the territory, he is there to defend the pride, risking his own life, sacrificing, and often dying, defending his pride. He is an example of “The 1% Leaders” in human terms.

Similarly, “The 1% Leaders” emerge who, although are also dealing with their own humanness and imperfections, seem to have an inner nature with a calling to stand for the welfare of the whole human pride. These are ordinary people, the average individuals, the type of which exist in every walk of life. They tend to be everyday folks that suddenly show up, having been dealing with their everyday humanness, and show a new side of themselves that impacts the world. They too, may at their own cost, for the sake of humanity, stand for what’s right, and do what is to the best interest of humanity!

They choose not to be indifferent like the rest. These individuals, although a minuscule fraction of the population, are the torchbearers of compassion, wisdom, and the truth, especially when they feel that their presence matters most.

They impact the world from a place of love, care, responsibility, and accountability for others, impacting the world positively, while by their decisions, and their behaviors they make a change, that is often so impactful that makes a permanent impression in human history.

The New Me Story & The Lessons I Learned - The Key to Happiness:

I am a highly entrepreneurial person. While my first passion was medicine and surgery and eventually focused on Cosmetic Surgery, I have always been a natural entrepreneur since childhood.

I have created and owned businesses since I was young. My mother tells me I started my entrepreneurial endeavors when I was four, and I used to sell my lunch, pencils, pencil erasers, and things to my classmates. I have always truly loved entrepreneurship.

When I started my practice as a Cosmetic Surgeon, I was gifted by a business name in my sleep. I immediately woke up and wrote the name down. 


This became the name of my business, I trademarked it. I called my practice New Me Institute and later, New Me Surgical Institute. I became known as the Dr. New Me of Beverly Hills.

As I marketed the business and performed more surgeries, I kept receiving referrals and kept marketing, and kept receiving referrals. I was in entrepreneurial heaven. I could not get enough. I loved the challenges and the education of entrepreneurship.

I enrolled in business school at the prestigious University of California. I wanted to grow. I kept trying to hire qualified partners to expand the business. 

It was not the money that motivated me as much as the passion for entrepreneurship, and watching my business grow. I wanted New Me to be a national and global brand. So, I tried to learn business, professionally and, academically while getting a degree, and hiring other surgeons to join my practice. There were many problems. For a few years, I could not recruit anyone with sufficient cosmetic surgery experience who wanted to work for me. I could hire new graduates without enough experience, but I was not willing to subject my patients and practice to that. 

Most highly skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeons were in high demand. They did not want to work for others. They could earn a whole lot more on their own. So, I would book my patients further out. I was fully booked months in advance.

Nevertheless, the patients were always my priority and during these years as I was searching for permanent, highly qualified partners, I increased my work hours to a point where I was only sleeping three to four hours per night. The demand for my time was increasing and I could not slow things down.

The overhead had become massive, I was expected to do all the surgeries myself, and I had to watch every little thing to make sure nothing went wrong. I loved everything that I was doing. Every moment of it. I could not get enough of either, not enough cosmetic surgery, and not entrepreneurship.

But unfortunately, it had become way too overwhelming, and no matter how many administrators managers, and topline staff I hired to help take the load off, it did not help! It just drove the overhead higher! All the responsibility and liability would finally end up on my shoulders as the medical director, the surgeon, the boss, and the business owner.

I am sure you are all familiar with that concept of leadership! 

In the meanwhile, my pursuit of great, talented cosmetic surgery partners continued. Although the surgeons I had hired had twice as much cosmetic surgery practice experience as I did, my patients wanted me to perform their surgeries! Cosmetic surgery is not just about the surgery. It is just as much or maybe even more about the artistic vision and the additional skills that make the difference. The psychological and human aspects of being able to communicate and connect with patients and be sensitive to their conditions and needs. The spiritual aspect of the person. 

The key difference between general surgery and Cosmetic Surgery is the art! Cosmetic Surgery is a form of art, performed on the human subject, with all the risks and challenges that performing any type of invasive surgery poses! Except that, unlike the canvas or the clay, the human’s anatomy, physiology, psychology, spirituality, and many other aspects of the subject play a huge part in the outcome!  In addition to the decisions of the patients, the nature and the biology of the patient’s bodies are also massively contributary and ultimately determinant of the outcome!

In fact, as a cosmetic surgeon, regardless of how great of a surgeon one is, the surgeon is only responsible for a part of the outcome!  However, given my reputation and the great results that I seemed to be known for, I had a great following, and my patients wanted me to do their surgeries, if someone else did the surgery and something did not go perfectly, as the medical director and the captain of the ship, still I was the one who was responsible to fix the problem anyway. So, it increased the overhead of the practice because I had to pay the other surgeons’ salaries and be responsible for their complications and unhappy patients’ issues. That was a deal that I had not signed up for! But it is the reality of the business of Cosmetic Surgery!

As I have grown older, I have learned that it is best to keep the practice a boutique, low-volume practice and for only a select group of patients that fit the type of practice one wishes to have perfectly. As a young, idealistic surgeon who loves people and wants to help everyone with his skills, I was minimally selective. That, to a huge part, turned out to be an error! This does not work in cosmetic surgery! One must be extremely selective as a cosmetic surgeon. It is not a choice, it is a rule!

Patient selection for the practice/surgeon, and careful selection of a surgeon by the patient, as well as self-education for the patient, in addition to communication between the surgeon and the patient, followed by the patient being one hundred percent compliant with all the instructions, recommendations and orders of the surgeon are important means of minimizing the chances of future patient dissatisfaction with the outcome.