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Purpose of Life

DrNewMe: If You Are A Teacher, You Must Teach!!

Whatever you were put on this earth to do, you must do, or else you will not be truly fulfilled. That is the simple truth of life. Your job is to find out what that is, learn it, and perfect it. Listen my friend! It is difficult to feel stuck in a world that seems to follow a circular pattern!

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It is normal to feel lost some times. We all do. The bigger our purpose and calling in life, the bigger and complex the puzzle is. It may take quite many years to finally tune-into your calling. I have found my way home, to my path in life, by reflecting in! I know who I am, and I know what I am here to do! But being a human, at times, we all make mistakes and lose our way home! The most important thing is to always remember that, above all else, we are spiritual beings! No matter what happens in life, our titles, our assets, our properties, our relationships,  perspectives of others about us, and nothing else should define who we are! It is our relationship to our our God, our higher-calling, and our purpose in life that defines us! No matter how badly we lose our way in life, the guiding light, the compus within our heart is the light of God within! Our spiritual calling! Our higher self! I call it our “SPIRITUAL DNA”! Reflecting inwards, it will always bring us back home!! 


Sometimes in life, everything seems to be in a stand-still. No matter how much we want to get somethings done, the universe seems to be on a vacation! When the world offers you a break in life; a time off; take it!

Don’t be in a hurry or pressed to get things done! The world has its own pace! Sometimes we need to go with the flow!

When we push, sometimes, all we get get is a push-back! When feel a resistance from the universe, it is a message! Stop pushing! 

Respect to others is non-negotiable. Even if you believe they are wrong or you are in disagreement with them; it is not a justification to not respect them. 

Selfless kind of kindness and love that certain people demonstrate is why our world is still here. Had it not been for these type of people; humanity would have self-destroyed a long ago!  Love knows no boundaries; human or animal. We are all part of one LIFE force energy. Let’s Love unconditionally and give of ourselves even if we don’t hear the words Thank You!!!

_Dr. New Me

LEADERSHIP Requirements by Dr. New Me:

A: Attitude

R: Respect

T: Tolerance

I: Inspiration

C: Courage

C: Commitment

C: Compassion

S: Sacrifice

              Dr. New Me 

Time only makes love stronger if it’s real, and destroys love if it’s not. Time is a great friend that way. Just give your relationship a “test of time”; true love will endure passage of time; only growing deeper; stronger and more significant.

I generally don’t trust internet dating because some people think they can say whatever they want even if it’s not true, and the other person would not know the truth until they decide to tell him/her the truth. This means the relationship is built on a lie. It is starting with a lie, and will end with heartbreak. 

No one is a fool. Sooner or later people discover the truth. So why not be upfront with them from the beginning and start the relationship on the footing of honesty and truth. Only then the relationship has a chance. Especially in a world where divorce rate is quoted to be greater than seventy percent in certain group of people such as highly educated, busy, professionals. 

What do you think?

I don’t draw conclusions from everything in life. I just move in the most appropriate direction without a whole lot of judgment. 

Always remember talking is the easiest part of demonstrating love; while actions that require self sacrifice show true love! Unconditional love, as people frequently claim to have for someone, is just holding someone in a space of love but not necessarily do anything that requires great effort or self-sacrifice!! 

Hence; the most obvious and deeply felt evidence of true love is to prioritize the needs of your lover above your own needs. Example: if you have a $100:00; you give it to the other person who needs it, although you need the money more. Or if the one you love needs your help; despite how busy you are with your own obligations, you still make time for them!!

In life as adults we tend to develop various types of relationships! These are a few of the categories of our relationships! 

Some are just superficial, physical, and just for fun! There is not much depth to the relationships but they lighten our moods and help us pass our time with some superficial pleasure!

Some others are deeper emotional, spiritual and mental for the nourishment of our mind; even if there is no physical aspect to them!

Then there are those that are a bit more rare but are combination of all the above!! We are blessed if we have these types of relationships as they tend to help us complete our lives!!

But we should remember that it’s important to keep these categories clear in our mind and nourish and improve each type of relationship appropriately!! Having them help us survive the tribulations our lives naturally go through! The ups and downs of life!  

“Enemies of intimacy are assumption and judgment!! Trust and communicate to understand!!”

_Dr. New Me 


Most causes of death are related to our stress level and the food we eat. Control and minimize your stress! The less cooked & processed foods you eat the longer you live! Food & Stress Kill! Remember that every moment; so don't get stressed and choose what you eat wisely! Before you can be a transformed person, it is important to be a healthy person!!

“When we are children, we love all peoples. Why is it that as we get older we develop certain liking towards some cultures, colors, races and religions and dislike towards others? It is because of the teachers and leaders in our world! If someone teaches anything but love towards another human being, he does not deserve to be a teacher nor a leader! Those who preach hatred and encourage violence against others are criminals!”

_____ Dr. New Me

“To create a more positive life, it’s better to surround yourself by loving-animals instead of people that dislike you!”

Not knowing what to do is a great problem to have! We get to tune into our inner light, listen to our inner voice and tune into our inner music! Connect to your gut feeling! Do you hear a happy internal music when you tune in? What do you hear when you listen? The greatest part of your guiding mind is your subconscious which is the most connected to your creator, and to the universe! Your mind and reasoning is more connected to your conscious fears, concerns, situations and circumstances and what others say. TRUST your inner light! Learn to trust your God Given GPS! YOUR SPIRITUAL DNA!

Funny & Sad! We have done so many stupid things in our many years of youthful egocentric enthusiasm, rushing towards an elusive success, or running through a fearful self-protective phase trying to survive, that we have little recollection of our many mistakes. After many years have passed, and we have learned a great deal of lessons, many of which were as a direct result of our many mistakes, we get to reflect and we finally realize how we lost the most valuble assets of all, which were the values of the friendships, bonds with our many great teammates that we have lost while we were in a hurry trying to arrive somewhere else! The destination was always elusive! Very important lesson learned is that, a huge part of success is the quality of those relationships!

Life has funny way of teaching us lessons. My life is nothing like what it was before. I have had experiences, many, many of them I wish not even on my enemies, but I know responsibilities always lie with me. I am sure I was meant to learn from each of them, and I have. I hopefully would behave differently now given same circumstances. What is important to learn is to take responsibility for our own mistakes. Being a victim leaves us powerless! When we have no fault, we are victims. It was someone else’s fault! It feels better in the moment, but then, what can I do to grow? When I am responsible for what happened, as painful as the admission may be in the moment, suddenly, I have all kinds of power! Now, I am in the driver’s seat! I can learn a lot of amazing things!

Listen, always forgive and forget, as carrying grudges are toxic to our souls. as they say, hatred is a poison we drink, expecting the other person to die! Forgiveness releases us of the bondage of the chains that are holding us down so that we can start to fly towards our spiritual calling and purpose in life! Until we forgive, we are are stuck in dark dungeons of hatred, tied down with our own chains and the locks operate with the power of our own minds. The moment we forgive, the locks open and we become free!

Whenever you ask God for something in life, be sure that there will be a choice coming with it. In other words, when God gives you that which you asked for, he also gives you freedom of choice to choose it. You get to take a risk, and work for it, and make it happen; or to refuse it and expect to stay safe in your comfort zone. 

You cannot expect to stay in your comfort zone and have your dreams come true. It is just not the way the nature works. With desire comes the risks, and challenges. What do you want in your life the most? Are you willing to pay the price for it?

The Jews believe that for days prior to Yom Kipoor, we need to pray and ask for forgiveness, and repent for our mistakes and our bad deeds. Before and during Yom Kipoor one gets to repent whole heartedly, as by the end of Yom Kipoor, God will confirm our up-coming Year’s entire destiny. 

Weather we believe in this, or we don’t, some times in life we need to stop our patterns of thinking and our way of behaving, so that instead of automatically behaving as we have day after day, and we behave poorly or we think negatively; we would proactively choose to turn our life around. Instead we could meditate, pray and focus our attention on the future. We need to forgive others who may have done us wrong, release the negative energy we carry with us, and lighten up our emotional and spiritual burden. Additionally, it would be important to review our actions in our recent past, and notice what we may have done that could have caused another person pain, embarrassment or unhappiness. It would be wise to make a commitment not to repeat the same mistakes again. When all is said and done, our greater positive thoughts and positive actions create our better future than the one we would have had otherwise. 

So let’s let go of our negative thoughts, negative actions and start a proactive positive future. It is never too late, and never too early. Why not now?

Sometimes to achieve what you are committed to, you get to think outside the box, you get to dare to be outrageous and you must not fear the judgment of others (as long as you are willing to take action, there is always someone who will judge you; so what, now what?) —- As long as you harm no one, any action taken towards your goal is deserving of admiration! 

We all have a crazy side. It can’t be erased, it’s not the natural way. We just have to be more careful about our crazy side, and keep it under control! It is our crazy side that has the potential to make us different & great! 

You will learn what kind of friends you have when their interests and your interests are in conflict!

Challenging times will eventually end; make sure you protect your sanity, spiritual and physical health while they end!

“As long as we come from a place of judgment, world peace will elude us. The moment we as a people decide to come from a place of tolerance and celebrate that which has given us life, similarity and love; world will become the paradise we speak of. The exciting part is world peace has never been more within the reach of us as connected people. We are no longer isolated communities, we are a global community connected just in time by technology.”

___ Dr. New Me Shane Sheibani

Every decision and action must be based on facts and common-sense; not emotions. If you want to succeed you need to learn to separate your emotions from your decisions at all times. 

No lover is worth dying for. If she is gone, we must find the strength within ourselves to move on! It is the light within that will serve as the anchor to help us carry on from one day to the next.

There are a thousand fish in the sea that will not hurt you, and many who deserve your love.


(By the way, the same applies to those of you who may have lost anything else in life! — I have first hand experience of loss of almost everything, so let me tell you! The only place you can find the strength to want to wake up the next day, when you really don’t, is inside your heart! It is in the WHY!? Why am I here??? If you answer that for yourself, that will get you through anything! That is your SPRITUAL DNA!! THE WHY!!!)

Never put any woman or man, or job, or anything before yourself! 

You, and your SPRITUAL DNA, are your everything, which has to come first, so that you can remain complete and hence be a good, and solid, and a protector for the ones you love! 

Keep up the positive thinking, and back it up with committed actions.


Adam Bash!

So I am thinking today and here is what’s on my mind! As difficult as it is to go to university and earn degrees and become an educated person, it is many times more difficult to become “Adam”! We Persians have this simple word Adam, that we try to teach our kids since childhood. We say “Adam Bash” meaning be a good person. If the kid does something that is inappropriate or below his expected level of maturity we say “Adam Bash”!  

Once the kid becomes an adult, we stop saying it, hoping he will remind himself!  

He will do his best and does what’s expected of him!

I was reviewing my life along with the one person I trust the most, and I realized I made a good deal of mistakes (as we all do) and I felt for the sake of transparency and appreciation of my most wonderful parents in the world I should publicly admit to it. 

About twenty years ago, when I was even more native and know-it-all, my parents and I publicly disagreed on a decision I was about to make. They asked, cried, yelled, reasoned, warned, and even threatened, but the suborned young man that I was at the time, not only I didn’t listen, I publicly humiliated them! I thought I knew better! I thought because I grew up in America and they were from Persia, and just had moved to the US recently, with their old ideas and beliefs, I was right and they were wrong. 

I didn’t understand that humanity doesn’t come with education. 

Every old tradition and idea is not obsolete and worthless just as every new advanced idea doesn’t replace the old!

I have kids of my own now, and only now I can feel what they must have felt while I did what I did. 

I did what I thought was right and it turned out they were right all along. While they loved me anyway and forgave me for my errors and mistakes, I never publicly apologized to them. Here and now as we approach Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year and the day of Atonement (Yom Kippur),I apologize to both my parents for all the embarrassment, pain and suffering that I unintentionally (or maybe even intentionally) caused them and beg their forgiveness! Being parents, we rather bear all the sufferings of our children and never see them suffer. No matter how old we are, we are still our parents’ children! I was almost thirty, and I did not wish to be told what to do! Well, to our parents, at 90, we are still kids! As I edit this now, my father passed six months ago. I wrote this first in 2015, and it is March 11, 2024 that I am editing it. I did hug him, and beg his forgiveness while he was alive several times for my hardheadedness, and stuberness! I hope He forgave me then, but I publicly extend my appologies to my beloved father again, for being the most wonderful, kindhearted, forgiving, loving father I know. He told me, “Son, when you are a father, only then you will know what I feel and why I am saying what I say, and I may not even be around then!” It is quite ironic, as I write this: Dad, now, I do!

As children, our suffering is not our own business alone, it is also that of those we love. 

I have gotten education and degrees, but I know I have a life time of learning ahead of me. I get to remind me every day: “Adam Bash” (be a real human)!

I love you mom and dad more than words can say, and thank you for everything you have done for me!

When life seems to turn its back on you, not giving you what you want, it is most likely because what you want isn’t what you need, and what is good for you at the time. Don’t give up and don’t get bitter; stay open and persevere! Eventually what is right for your life will happen in its own time. 

Just because we are positive-minded, it doesn’t mean we will get everything we want! Many times life doesn’t give us what we desire; the test of positivity then is open-mindedness, and perseverance. Open-minded to realize not everything we desire is good for us. Persistent to not give up until we find what is good for us! 

I truly believe marriage is a test of devotion. When you get married, you get married for life. It is a union that is not to be taken lightly. We are both expected to give our full 100% at all times, and then there is nothing that can be expected more. It is not a 50-50 deal. it is a 100-100. we each must put 100%, 100% of the times.


We must always acknowledge our mistakes, and accept our shortcomings as it is only through this process of taking responsibility for our actions that we can grow. 

Some days we feel more inspired than others! That’s why it’s not so important as to the speed in which we are traveling in life as it is the direction in which we are traveling. The ultimate direction of life is positive inner change for the purpose of being a better human! 

And this is probably true of most animals. Kindness is a universal language. 

Don’t get locked into the HOW, but more think of the WHAT!! Once your mind thinks of the WHAT, the HOW usually comes about either by the power of ATTRACTION or the power of ACTION. 

Again: Think BIG! Think massive wealth even if you are not sure how it’s going to be materialized! What you think about, your mind will most likely find a way to bring-about!

Your soul will also attract the right people, opportunities and circumstances to create it!!

In short, have no fear and dream of all the best!

Although this maybe frightening to imagine, it is also exhilarating because by making ourselves vulnerable to someone we truly love, we are then free to share all of us freely with that person. There is nothing else left to hide!

But please remember one additional thing. Even the best potentially great relationships have a stretching point. There is only so much we can put pressure on the relationship or stretch its bonds before it breaks. You can’t lawyer a relationship for too long before you destroy it. At some point you have to manifest the real you into the relationship or it will die. I speak from experience.

Thinking is generally reviewing what you already know, over and over again in your mind. It gives you little new information to build your decision on. To develop a better decision, you need better information.


Whenever you are facing an impass with a partner, STOP! DO NOT TEXT! Let’s talk. Let’s meet. How is being fearful of life showing up in our relationship? How is the fear of what could happen, serving you? If after all the discussions and talks, still there is an impass, it is often wise to agree, to feel the fear and live with it anyway! Let’s live! The right decision will show up!



Good Morning to My EARTHIAN Brothers and Sisters:

Remember, what you have been through in life has no bearing on what you will accomplish in your future. Your SPIRITUAL DNA is in charge of your future and the past was simply a means to prepare you for your future. 

What are you going to do today to accomplish a bit of what you are meant to do in your life??  

You can find love even 200 feet beneath the surface or above! Love is the universal language of nature. 

I am completely capable of being happy alone and stoping to look so that I surrender but I choose to be proactive about marriage. My soul is much happier married as is everything else in my life (of course with the right person this time)!

Love! Is the energy that drives life in the right direction. When ever in doubt in life, I look at the situation, wondering which decision would benefit the people involved the most! 

Usually when you do the right thing, everybody who is involved eventually benefits. 

Sweetie you can’t be goofy if you tried. You are like a rose, you are most beautiful in every light sweetheart. It is your souls and then your eyes!! Everything else about you just radically enhances those. 

The greatest lesson in life is for us to learn to step out of our own way to success. Self-sabotage is the most common cause of ultimate failure. The other is failure to restrict, meaning our failure to take a step back and let the universe guide the process; not all things that we want are good for us, so sometimes letting go prevents failure!

It is easy to only be yours if you complete me and fill me up. 

Fail, be hurt, feel pain as these are human but never lose yourself nor your humanity! 

Life humbles all of us from time to time so that we learn how to become humbled but not loose our humanity! 

___ Dr. New Me 

You can’t erase the past but you can build the future. 

People who are blessed with amazing love in their life are usually people who have the courage to fight for that love! Do you have the courage??

Sometimes it is easier to accept their prejudice as a fact and tolerate them!

“We must be very careful with the type of beliefs we adopt. 

For example: If we believe “kind people get hurt”, subconsciously we sabotage our efforts to be kind and/or we bring about a situation where we get hurt. 

Everything we believe directs our behavior, experiences and eventually creates our life. 

Better belief is: kind, giving, caring people are happier! Are more successful in life…”

KINDNESS!! This is the one human trait that defines unadulterated humanity! In the core, all of us are borne kind! It is up to us to develop it and practice it moment to moment! If we do, we become a gift to humanity. 

We must be very cautious as to what beliefs we adopt. Our beliefs create our life. 

Kind people ultimately win!

Glad you are educated. Be a representation of who you are in all you do! Especially here on public (social) media! It matters. 

“Learn to become flexible and fluid in life not rigid! Be fluid so like water you can tolerate change, absorb pressure, withstand set-back and continuously flow!”

____ Dr. New Me 

“We are the author of our own life-story! How our book turns out is our own decision!!”

__ Dr. New Me 

“We were never promised that the book of our life has to be only one long chapter in length. Sometimes a chapter of our life comes to an end for a reason! Some of us are meant to start a new chapter in life and create a better life-story!”

____ Dr. New Me 

“Everything in life changes. We must remain committed to change along with life and grow as a person with every change.”

____ Dr. New Me

“Always be sensitive to others’ emotional pain. Broken bones hurt and you can see them whereas broken hearts that hurt more than broken bones, you can’t even see.”

___ Dr. New Me 

“When we have a friendship and not just a romantic relationship, it means that as long as we live, this friendship will continue; unless one of us does something to destroy it.”

___Dr. New Me

“When you see a man’s conduct towards an animal, you can know what is in his heart!!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Joy comes from recognizing the value of what we have!!”

___Dr. New Me 

“With age comes a bit of actualization. I have come to realize that a mature optimist is a realist.”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Be very careful as we lie to ourselves more often than we lie to anyone else. See the truth, admit the truth, build your life upon the truth.”

____ Dr. New Me 

The more you focus your attention and time on helping others with their problems, the less important your problems would seem. 


Today is a day of healing. The day we heal by riding ourselves of hatred, anger and resentments towards anyone in our past! These feelings are poisons that are eating us from inside. Close your eyes, envision these people in your mind’s eyes and assign their judgement and their possible prosecution to the God/Universe/Karma. We no longer will carry this burden. You may say it is easier said than done. I agree that it is very easy to say and I thought it would be impossible to do. However, with the right guidance and support, it was not as hard as it seemed. Now it is easier.  It is like any thing else. You need to learn how. To learn you need to start. Plus you are not supposed to forgive and forget, but just leave them to the universal judge to deal with and extract the negative feelings you are carrying from yourself. These negative feelings are toxic. Toxic to your mind, soul and body. They can show up as all types of conditions affecting us. They impact our immune system. The stress they cause affects our heart, blood pressure, blood vessels, almost every part of our body. Release these negative feelings and with them release stress. Bring in joy, appreciation, thankfulness, hope, love, and all the positive energies that you can muster. Focus on the great people in your life, those you love and who love you back. Think of all the blessings you have and great things going for you. Practice this daily until you get better at it and until there is no heavy negative energy attached to anyone in your past. Good luck, and keep us posted as to how you are doing.

“When there are differences between groups of people who seek peace, the way to reach peace is to promote tolerance. The two groups don’t have to like each other, don’t have to accept each other’s beliefs, … Only to tolerate the other group. Don’t try to change the others. Tolerate them.”

____ Dr. New Me

“When we share selflessly, we get more pleasure from that experience of giving than the person who received does!”

_____ Dr. New Me

“If for any reason you find yourself feeling unhappy, do something to make someone happy. You will feel better!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“The greatest blessing one should ask for are healthy children, the ability to raise them well and the peace of mind to enjoy them. Everything else are not necessities but luxuries!”

_____ Dr. New Me 

“If for any reason you find yourself feeling unhappy, do something to make someone happy. You will feel better!”

___ Dr. New Me 

Today is a day that we can change one of our daily routines that practiced over time can impact our life in a great positive way! What routine in your life is it that you know if changed will improve your life?

Daily discipline

Everything comes sown to our philosophies, attitudes and beliefs. 

More than one skill and language

Good mentor. 

“Every so often we come across an individual who touches our life in an ever-lasting manner! Though these occasions are rare, keeping these individuals in our hearts, souls and lives ever so important. Even long after they are gone, the impact of their contribution affects our lives. Our entire life may be made up of the effect of a few hand-full of these people! Let’s remember them in our own lives and send the love, blessings and light!”

Today is the day you can touch the future. You can do something today that will impact many years to come. Just like one plants a tree that bears fruits for others to enjoy, you can touch someone’s life today who will serve humanity tomorrow. Find a child who needs encouragement; a homeless who needs support; an apprentice who needs a lesson; a student who needs a tutor! Touch the future of our world by an act of kindness today. 

Make today YOUR DAY! Give yourself a gift. Look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how much you love yourself, your mind, your soul! You spend most of your life working, struggling, giving, sharing, all to care for others; you must dedicate one day completely to yourself. Charge-up your personal spiritual battery and fill-up your emotional fuel-tank! LOVE yourself unconditionally and forgive yourself today. 

“My purpose in life is to live my purpose. A purposeful life during which I learn through teachings of others and through my own inevitable mistakes, share what I know with others, serve humanity and create abundance.”

Dr. New Me

“We need to be very careful when we offer our advice or opinion. One word to turn someone against another can destroy a life! Our words have much power.”

___ Dr. New Me

“I have experienced life when wind of fortune was in my sail and little effort yielded great rewards. May we all be permanently such blessed!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“One way or the other, everything will be OK. Thank God there is always a tomorrow to fix things and if there is no tomorrow, then there’s nothing to worry about anyways.”

____ Dr. New Me

“Sports and music are the two best unifying agents that can promote friendship and peace between peoples and nations.”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Influential people and intelligent people need to work together. Even if they don’t like each other, they should not avoid each other!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Some people are the way they are no matter what you do and how much you do to change them and help them. You can put golden shoes on a donkey but it will still be only a dumb animal.”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Men possess the potential to become anything he can imagine put his mind to. The right woman can help manifest this potential if she is the right woman!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Financial issues are like magnifying glass greatly enhancing and augmenting marriage problems. It’s best if you don’t make any marriage decisions until these financial issues are resolved.”

___ Dr. New Me

“Sometimes the best way to move FORWARD is to take a few steps BACK! (To fix something that has been holding you back and then moving ahead.)”

___ Dr. New Me 

“There are two steps  to finding a significant relationship: First is to find someone that you DESIRE, someone you’re attracted to who is attracted to you as well. The second step is to become the person who DESERVEs that individual who also deserves you.”

___ Dr. New Me

“Creating the right relationship is sort of an alchemy. You need to grow and transform into an individual who can attract your missing half into your life.”

___ Dr. New Me

“Every interaction we have is an incident demonstrative of the type of character we are. Watch your state, behavior and appearance at all times as each incident speaks for itself!”

___ Dr. New Me

“You are more than your title; your job; your family name; or any other worldly thing. We are each a piece of this universe and like a piece of a puzzle help to complete the picture. We are each significant and necessary hence we each matter.”

___ Dr. New Me

“Keep doing the right things; live and think big with passion, knowing that life is way too short and you’ll be shortly after forgotten.”

___ Dr. New Me

“During the difficult times just remember that, spring will come no matter how long the winter seems to be. We must just enjoy life through the winter waiting for spring.”

___ Dr. New Me

“The deepest possible concepts are concepts of life & death. If we understand how fragile and wonderful life is and how soon death can come, we understand the complexity of it all.”

___ Dr. New Me

“It takes the following attributes to come to the recognition of how short but wonderful life is, and to live life with passion:

1) great common-sense 2) courage 3) honesty 4) desire 5) ability 6) willingness!

If it’s to be, it’s up to me. You may have to go it all by yourself. Others may disagree with your calling or your path in life; never the less, you get to live it anyways.”

___ Dr. New Me

“Step One: Get to know yourself;

Step Two: Learn to Control yourself;

Step Three: Spend your life perfecting steps one and two.”

___ Dr. New Me

“Knowing yourself takes the greatest amount of time and effort but it is the most important and most worthwhile of all knowledge to pursue!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Roses grow with thorns. Within us there are many bushes of roses. The roses are good thoughts and the thorns the bad. Thoughts lead to action. Enjoy the beauty of the roses and just cut away the thorns.”

___ Dr. New Me

“Each of us have a garden within us. We have many bushes of thorn all around our inner garden but also there are many bushes of flowers and singing birds flying about. It is our job to care for our inner self every day, watering, pruning and beautifying our inner garden. The thorns within are our bad thoughts, beliefs and deeds while the flowers are the good. The singing birds, butterflies and others are attracted just by the content of our inner character.”

____ Dr. New Me


“By nature we usually try to do our best in every situation; so our current situation is most likely the result of our best efforts of the past!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Contemplate your ideas well! There is a world hidden in each thought.”

____ Dr. New Me

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish by staying committed to your purpose, refusing to waiver, believing in the intelligence of your ways and the essence of your actions! The thrill of the process is often its own reward!”

____ Dr. New Me 

“Take a shot, any shot, but don’t stay stagnant in inaction. It’s often better to take a chance by taking action, by going out of your comfort zone than to stay comfortable in paralysis!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Treat that special one in your life with all your love; with all of your heart; but also make sure you treat yourself with love, affection and appreciation.”

____ Dr. New Me

“Never take the law into your own hands even if the law seems to not be functioning appropriately. Never challenge the government or the law-makers by ignoring the law or demanding change. If the law fails to be just, find a land that has better laws and move there.”

______ Dr. New Me

“Life is a series of projects. Do your absolute best under the circumstances in each project and be happy. You have done all you can do!”

__ Dr. New Me

“You only owe one thing to this world and that’s to be who you were meant to be. Follow your bliss, your heart, and give it all you have, holding nothing back.”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Some people are so negative that they can’t help but sprinkle negativity on everyone, everywhere they go! Stay away from these people even if they are family!”

____ Dr. New Me 

“Falling is not failing. Not trying to get back up is!”

___ Dr. New Me

“There is no 50-50 in marriage. You each have to put in 100%, but be ready to put all the effort in all by yourself in order to make it work! Remember: If it’s to be it’s up to me.”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Whatever your gift is, share it! It’ll change the world around you!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“In most every aspect of life outside forces can exercise a limit! No one can limit your mind. You are in charge of your learning, growing and expanding. Never stop challenging the boundaries of your own mind!”

___ Dr. New Me

“It’s said that cats have nine lives because they always land on their feet! Learn to land on your feet by expanding the tentacles of your mind! Grow your mind to become multifaceted and multitalented!”

___ Dr. New Me

“If you find yourself falling a lot, at least develop your bounce-back talent and become a bounce-back artist! There is always something positive in a negative situation!”

____ Dr. New Me

“You are the driver of your life! Don’t let anyone else sit in your driver’s seat! Neither let the naysayers and negative people become your GPS! Follow the direction of your own heart!”

_____ Dr. New Me 

“Growth comes from going beyond where you were before. That is always concomitant with some discomfort! You have to be willing to break through some comfort zone and enter into new territory in order to grow!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Falling is a given; a fact of life! Bouncing-back is a talent!”

___ Dr. New Me

“We all fall; some of us farther than others, or more frequently. The rule is the same; as you are descending, plan on your bounce-back! Use the force of the fall to give you the maximum energy and momentum to bounce higher than you were before. That gives you growth!!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Your mind needs to know that you love yourself. Words don’t register. It is when you answer your inner desires and give yourself that which you want; even if it’s not so rational, that’s when your mind gets it that you care about you! So show yourself that you love you! Treat yourself to … with love!”

____ Dr. New Me

“When was the last time you celebrated your own accomplishments by a high-five? Or congratulated yourself by buying yourself a gift? Your mind loves to do great things for you, just to please you! Don’t forget to encourage it. When you do that  regularly, then your mind tries to please you by doing even greater things!” 

___ Dr. New Me 

“As loving people, most of us have an easier time refusing to ourselves what we desire, than depriving others! We tend to put others’ needs before our own! This practice can give your mind a subconscious message, that you are not as important as others are! Learn to acknowledge your desires and fulfill them the best way possible.”

___ Dr. New Me 

“You feel lonely when you don’t enjoy your own company. Learn to treat yourself better than anyone else could be expected to treat you. Be your own best friend and your own admirer. Being alone doesn’t have to make you feel lonely!”

____ Dr. New Me

“You are you. You are not your degrees, your job, your family name, your money or anything else. You are much bigger than anything you can be classified with or identified as. Losing whatever you have should never reduce you as who you are!”

____ Dr. New Me

“Before making any decision that would involve another person, ask:  What if I was this person?”

___ Dr. New Me 

“You can only be responsible for your own happiness. You don’t have to instead do the things that make others happy. If you do those things, you will make neither you nor anyone else happy!”

____ Dr. New Me

“There are only very few people in our lives that matter. As we get older, many of those we love have left us. Appreciate those few  special people before they are gone!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“As we experience life we realize that most times things that happen in life seem to have no rhyme or reason. Things come and go so fast! Stop looking for the why and be happy with what is! Before you know it, that’s gone too!”  ___ Dr. New Me

“On occasion we have days that are best forgotten. The best part of it is that the sun rises up again!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Find out what it is that you are willing to let everything go for and you have found your purpose. That which you are willing to sacrifice everything for!”

___ Dr. New Me

“To save the world from self-destruction we don’t have to love everybody but just tolerate them!”

___ Dr. New Me

“We may not love each other’s mistakes but we can still love each other!”

___ Dr. New Me

“The world has enough of all people except the people who unconditionally love their fellow man and tolerate him regardless of his shortcomings!”

___ Dr. New Me

“The greatest way we can serve our world is to be an example of a person who unconditionally loves people!”

____ Dr. New Me 

“Whatever you did must have been the best you could do given the circumstances. Forgive yourself. So what, now what? What are you gonna do now?”

____ Dr. New Me

“We have enough of all types of people in the world except unconditionally loving type. That’s what our world needs the most.”

___ Dr. New Me

“Whatever kind of treatment you expect of others towards you, make sure you give that type of treatment to yourself first.”

_____ Dr. New Me 

“It is true courage to stand strong believing in your agenda when anyone else in your situation would have given-up already!”

____ Dr. New Me 


I had problems with my business that years ago and I thought that I was out of my business I thought that was the worst thing that can happen to me!! As I was feeling the pain of that disaster; I lost my surgical center which took 10 years to build. Then I lost all my money and real estate! Then I lost my home! Then I lost

Y hope, happiness and hopefulness and got severe depression and almost lost my life. Then I lost my belief in God’s fairness And mercy. Then I lost my medical license. Then I totally lost my name and reputation. Then I lost my health to diabetes. Then I lost my marriage. So now I realize how blessed I am that I have so much. I learned Hashem took everything to show me how much he loved me. What I lost is nothing in comparison to what I do have left! BAROUKH HASHEM!

“Each one of us has a purpose in life which is bigger than ourselves. A reason for our creation. It is our job to find it. Find out what it is that you are willing to let everything go for and you have found your purpose. That which you are willing to sacrifice everything for!”

___ Dr. New Me

Dr. New Me Quotes 2014

“Inspirational quotes aren’t as much about learning new things as they are about empowering you by what you already know!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Everyone must have something to enjoy! INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES are what I enjoy!”

____ Dr. New Me

“Even the greatest people have had relatively bad days, bad years or even bad decades; but that never stopped them from persevering and trying again.”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Never think of death as a relief!! It is just passing the pain to your loved ones. It will hurt those who love you forever!!! It is a selfish and senseless act. There is usually a much better alternative!”

“The more motivational quotes you read; the less space would be left in your mind for demotivating thoughts! Keep your mind filled with positive ideas!” 

___ Dr. New Me 

“Don’t let others’ behavior affect your behavior. Keep charging full force towards your dreams!”

__ Dr. New Me 

“As long as you are busy applying your unrelenting commitment to your personal calling in life; what does it matter if others don’t treat you like Celerity!!? At the end, you are fulfilling your dream!! That should count for something!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Be patient! Calmly and assertively dedicate yourself to doing the right thing! In time all the things that are meant for your welfare will come to you!”

___ Dr. New Me

“If you let others dictate to you what you should think, you might as well let them live your life for you too; because your thoughts control your life!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Control your thinking and you will control your life. Don’t let anyone do your thinking for you. Gain enough knowledge and remain in charge of your own thoughts!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Get out of your comfort zone and dare to create your dreams! If you are comfortable, you are not doing your best!! “

__ Dr. New Me

“An old soldier without any scars has not fought a battle; an old man without any failures has not taken a risk!!”  ___ Dr. New Me 

“Reading self-empowerment quotations is an exercise of preparation. It’s sort of like reviewing theories. Success is achieved only when we apply the theories!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“You want to be a wife and a mom?? That’s easy. Jump in bed and roll off in the court, you ‘ll be them both. Then what?? It is not like boxes to check off !! You have to mesmerize a man while you become his everything. His HOME!!! 

You have to make him feel so good being with you that he would rather be with you than to be rolling in the hey with anybody else. It is a state you create in his heart, soul and mind. Not with your clothes off only; but with or without.

A great wife is a great friend, a great chef, a great social media and a great whore!! She also knows when to be which.”

“You are in charge of your own happiness, needs and wants. Never allow another person to make you feel miserable, unhappy and deprived.”  ___ Dr. New Me 

“I am in charge of my own happiness, needs and wants. 

I refuse to allow another person to make me feel miserable, unhappy and deprived.”  ___ Dr. New Me 

“We were each created as royalty! When you succeed in life, your crown shines the brightest. That’s when others try to knock it off of your head! Pick it up, put it right back on your head without skipping a beat!”

___ Dr. New Me

“We were each created as royalty! When you succeed in life, your crown shines the brightest. That’s when others try to knock it off of your head! Pick it up, put it right back on your head without skipping a beat!”

___ Dr. New Me

“We were each created as royalty! When you succeed in life, your crown shines the brightest. That’s when others try to knock it off of your head! Pick it up, put it right back on your head without skipping a beat!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Never allow anyone else to decide how much respect, happiness or freedom you are worthy of! That is your own right as a free human!”

____ Dr. New Me

“If we find ourselves struggling to convince others of a certain truth, that is an indication that it is most likely not the truth!”

____ Dr. New Me 

“If you can’t say it in its most simple form, you don’t understand it well enough yet!”  ___ Dr. New Me 

“Key to Success: Apply Passion to Unrelenting Hard Work!” __ Dr. New Me

“Success requires the ability and willingness to be rejected and to fall. It is not how many times you fail but it is your ability to standup again that makes you succeed!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Run less and live in the moment. You will eventually be where you are destined to be!! All running will do is deprive us of fully experiencing and enjoying the pleasures hidden in each moment!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Devastation and sadness is what happens when hate is allowed to scapegoat a certain group of people. Sunnis, Shiites, Bahaism or whomever are the victims. When has hatred ever brought-about peace and happiness???????”

It is not the “Religions” nor “Nationalities” that are the problems! It is those group of individuals who use them as a basis to instigate actions that bring-about their evil interests! We can never get to love & peace on earth through hatred! We need to educate people to recognize the destructive fanaticism in any place and immediately turn it around through educating the hateful while doing that with love and by promoting acceptance. Remember Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.!!?? There is a lot of blood shed today by terrorists who are Moslem and in committed in the name of Islam! But this has not been limited to Islam! Historically and from the  “Beginning” there has been a great deal of blood shed in the name of “Religions” or other names. We see it in today all around the world as there has been recorded throughout the human history in the Old Testament as well as in Egypt, Babylon, Rome, Greece, the old Persian Empire (although King Cyrus of Persia was the first king to promote equality of all humans and human rights), time of Islam and the crusades. 

Let’s promote love and tolerance!!”

Lost a lived one?

Yes. He hears you. Be sensitive to his memory from now on! Know that he did the best he could with what he knew under the circumstances. 

“I believe dreams during sleep are to a good degree a reflection of our sin continues thoughts but may also be intercepted by other wavelengths influenced by other souls/energies.”

“Community leaders, public servants & politicians are generally smart people but when their hearts are not in the right place & their own personal interests come before that of the public, they have developed negative minds! That is when they become devious!! Destructive to the public! They need to be removed as they become cancer to the very society they were elected to serve! One such public servant can undo what hundreds are trying so hard to achieve!”  __ Dr. New Me

“Devious community leaders, public servants and politicians are cancer to our society! It is thanks to them that healthcare is devastated in our country! From those in the congress, down to those running Medical Boards and the Medical Societies; together they are hurting much more people than they are helping!! I hope they soon find their conscience and change their ways!!”

___ Dr. New Me 

“Often in life I have found that we tend to run in certain directions with all our might but ultimately we would end-up where we belong!! The lesson learned: Run less and live in the moment. We will eventually be where we are destined to be!! All running will do is deprive us of fully experiencing and enjoying the pleasures hidden in each moment e.g. Time we could spend with our grand parents, kids, parents, those we love and care about!”

___ Dr. New Me

“There is No Shortcut to Success!!”

___ Dr. New Me

“Respect Limits!”

___ Dr. New Me

“The darker the night seems to be; the brighter the morning after will appear!”

___Dr. New Me

“Don’t fear; persevere!!”

___Dr. New Me

“Everything is in the details!! Money, success, failure, happiness, … Take good care of every detail and the big things usually come together on their-own!” ___Dr. New Me 

“”Do you want to belong to a “Big Boys’ Club” where you have lots of people looking out for you??  Join God’s Peoples’ Club! That’s where all goodness loving people are members!””

___ Dr. New Me 

Great general information but in any relationship both partners need to want to “change” anything that needs to change. Perspective or anything else. The issue I think is that most people are either resistant to change or think it is only the other person that needs to change for any problem to be solved. There is where the major problem is! As in any transformation, wanting to and willing to change are the two basic prerequisites.

There we go. No wonder. People like us care more and give more but usually feel more (get hurt more ??); stand out more; more people envy us even though we don’t look for it, and hence we carry more weight on our shoulders!! But at the end ; we live with passion. Living without passion is no living at all!! 

We are big people in this world and because of all the mean sprites selfish irresponsible people we have such tough lives. Imagine how vulnerable the poor little animals and kids are that can’t even fend for themselves and are at the mercy of those same people!!! Very bad world we are living in today. We try to sugar code it but goodness in people is mostly overshadowed by greed, ego and self interest. 

And praying for GODLINESS TO BECOME SYNONYMOUS TO GOODNESS!!! How can someone in the name of ALLAH or any god’s name do bad things?????

Go, Go, Go! But also Stop to smell the roses my dear!!! Go, go, go but also Stop!! Remember!


Here is what I have discovered in my life so far:

Although we are all made of GOODNESS internally (soul with good attributes) we all have needs and pursue to fulfill them. The more we consider other’s needs as we pursue to fulfill our own needs, and refuse to give into our desire to receive for ourselves alone; the more we potentiate the goodness within ourselves. In this process as we repeatedly and regularly consider other’s needs as well as our own and support others in fulfilling their needs; we reach the level of GOOD!! That’s what a good person is! One who cares for other’s needs, helps them and considers them as he strives to fulfill his own needs. 

On the other hand the more we are over taken by the pursuit of our own needs and desires and fail to consider, care or worry about others’, the opposite of above happens! 

So ultimately the person who consistently solely focuses on his own needs and despite others’ or worse yet at the expense of others; diminishes his/her inner Goodness and empty space which goodness was filling other things fill the vacancy (things like confusion, uncertainty, sadness, doubt, fear, depression, etc.)

When you help others, don’t you suddenly feel pumped up with all kinds of good feelings?? I know I do! We just to push ourselves everyday to do a little more than we did the day before!! 

To Goodness!! Le Chaiim :-))

Dr. New Me

DrNewMe world piece invitation writing:

I read this heart breaking and moving true story with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart! For centuries we have lost our bravest; fathers, brothers, sons, husbands; to war! That was inevitable as human consciousness was such that war seemed a necessity to survive!

Today however, we are all connected instantaneously with our brothers and sisters wherever they live on this earth! The boundaries of the countries are no longer separated by many miles of land, mountains and border crossings as almost we are all citizens of the same virtual country! There seems to be NO NEED nor any JUSTIFICATION for war! We the peoples must take an active role to welcome all others from all over the world to open their hearts and minds to us and address their issues openly! We must all encourage and welcome these communications! Once we address our concerns, frustrations; anxieties and disappointments and share in the effort to find the solutions; war should be and is a thing we should leave to history books! It is our duty as responsible citizens of our VIRTUAL country to facilitate communications with others, no matter what the physical country is that we live in!! 

I honor ALL the people who have EVER lost a loved one in any war in history to bring our human consciousness to its current state as without their sacrifices freedoms would not have been secured! Wish us all PEACE on EARTH and FULFILLMENT In our lives!

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)


Psycho spiritual energy

Our psycho spiritual energy is unique to us. Of course that’s an assumption I make but I believe based on how our bodies are created where we are each unique our psychospiritual footprint is also unique sort of like a fingerprint that know people‘s fingerprints are the same so true I believe our psycho spiritual energies are unique to us. Although these energies are unique I believe that that they are of the same material as that of the spiritIn general. One day with the advancement of science I am sure we will be able to measure are psycho spiritual energies and determine the levels of this energy and various intricacies thereof. Additionally additionally one day we will be able to determine that kind of energy that we are connected to the universe through. And we would are effecting each other. In fact when you think of a molecule that atoms are made up of neutrons protons and these have energy is themselves. So in the sub particular of the matter there is energy. It is then also be able to learn how to energy within us and energy within the universe communicates. The world is of energy world and all energies and proton neutron electron are made up of energy particles. So it is safe to assume that our body which is made up of items is also an energetic entity. How does energy circulate and what it represents and how it is going to be impacted by our thoughts specifically remains to be determined by science.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Joseph. Joseph was the son of Jacob. Jacob was the son of Isaac and Isaac was the son of Abraham. Joseph was loved by his father. Although there are 10 other brothers from another mother Jacob loved JOSEPH more than them. In fact Joseph was the best looking of all these kids. Jacob made the coach of multiple colors for Joseph. I’ll brothers know that Jacob loved Joseph more and Joseph knew it as well. In fact he acted as if he was special. One night Joseph had a dream. In his Dream the sun the moon and 10 stars were bowing down to him. In the morning he announced that he had a dream and that his family one day will bow bow down to him. This in raised his brothers. One day the 10 brothers Chuck Joseph with them and threw them in the well where he would for sure die of hunger and thirst. However one of the brothers back for his life and they decided instead to bring them out and set of having to slavery do you want to caravan with passing by. As Joseph was taking him to Egypt he was sold as a slave. The Masters wife attempted to seduce him but he refused and as a result of her lies claiming that JOSEPH had attacked her and attempted to rape her he ended up in prison. He was imprisoned for 13 years. During this time he told the dream of a cup bearer of the king as well as the baker. When the king heard about the accuracy of Joseph’s interpretation interpreting him of Joseph’s interpretation interpreting the dream asked him to interpret his dream. He had grand that seven fat and healthy cows play by the Neill River. Seven then I’m sick of the cows came out and ate the seven fat cows. 

 You also dreamt of seven weeks Joseph interpreted the dream of Farrell so well and he seemed so intelligent and wise to Farrell that he was asked to be the right hand of Farrell. The king of kings at the time. He became the ruler over Egypt. I don’t encounter tell the story in its entire tea of coarse this is the Bible story and I am no biblical scholar nor do I intended to give the story and it’s complete accuracy here however I wanted to draw a lesson from this story. I encourage you all to read his Bible story as I believe it is quite interesting and full of lessons. One lesson that I choose to drive from this story is that when you are a wise person and you appear in your excellence and logical control you tend to be counted on as such by others as well. Our moves it actions behaviors way of dressing way of looking to others and to ourselves out self-confidence and way of being all transmit a message both subliminally as well as consciously. If you were to hire a first assistant home do you wish it to be someone who came for an interview disheveled and poorly dressed hot dirt under his fingernails and CME for LeGrand seemed to speak logically and highly emotional or someone who seem to be well put together intelligent and wise. It is clear that we all desire the best version of a person to become our assistant. In other words we want the best weekend by with what we have. And that extends to the help we intend to acquire. It is important in life that we dress up for the position we want not the position we have. We never know who we are going to meet next. When we are ready to step into our greatness the opportunity presents itself. There are not too many percentage of people who reflect confidence wisdom and accountability. When you are one of these kinds of people who reflects wisdom accountability and self confidence you attract attention. Where ever you go you stand out. Stand in your greatness Do your best. Be your best version of you at all times expecting great things to come your way. Great opportunities met with preparation when the day. Be prepared to grab the best opportunities that present themselves. Be the best version of you as much as possible. At all times. 

As stated before I love the Bible stories. Since I was a young boy my grandparents called the Bible stories to me. As a Jewish boy growing up I learned about Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph David Daniel Solomon Elijah and all the various characters in the Bible. As I grew up most Saturdays some Saturdays I went to synagogue. One of my favorite things to do in synagogue was to read the Torah, The Old Testament. Within the Old Testament there are a tremendous number of life lessons. I love reading that. Morning Porten than learning them is to putting them to work in my life. Wisdom is not knowledge it is practicing dad which you learn in your own life.

One of my favorite Bible story is that of David. King David was annoying as a teenager to become the king. At the time he was anointed Saul was the king. We learned about the story of David and Golia. When David face call yet all the hardware five smooth stones on a sling shot. Using his slingshot he hit Goliad was a giant in the four head causing him to lose consciousness and he drew Goliad‘s short and beheaded him. Of course he became eventually the king of Israel. He made mistakes but he also had tryouts. The life lesson that we draw from this entire story as we read it in the Old Testament are numerous and extremely powerful. But the point that I wanted to make with this partial story is that goal yet was a giant. He was a war hardened soldier. No one had ever been able to defeat him. In fact when David as a teenager volunteer day to stand against Goliad Goliad and everyone else laughed. Here was at MIR teenager who thought of himself so confidently that he was willing to stare down one of the greatest soldiers of all times. And at giant at that. However David, felt completely capable, and competent, I did not doubt and himself. He’s preparation and confidence one the day. It is said that David was a sharpshooter with a slingshot. He had defeated bears and lions who came against his sheep as a shepherd. Has he had learned how to use the slingshot throughout the years as a teenager. Now here he was going against a giant warrior. However another life lesson learned from the moral of the story is that Goliad came as an obstacle to elevate David. David hi David not there to face a giant obstacle he would not have been recognized it and have the opportunity to become the king. He finished his obstacle head-on with full confidence and trust in his abilities. With this lesson we learned that by facing our obstacles head on trusting ourselves and not giving up staying strong and standing in his drink and our power we get to grow as a person. Perhaps we may not become the king as David, however we get to become the best version of who we are. That’s all that is expected any of us. That’s all dad we can do. Is to do our best given our circumstances and our human frailties.

Another one of my favorite stories in the Bible that I can relate to is the story of Moses. Moses was the messenger of God who is recognized as the Messenger for the Jewish people. When Moses was born there had been a decree by barrow against the life of all Jewish children. In fact Moses his mother put him in HELP in a basket and surrendered him to the waves of the Nile river. Moses ended up being noticed by barrows daughter and taken to the palace. Moses grew up there as royalty. He learned all the things that a king would need to know. He was groomed to be the right-hand to the Farrell. However as a result of a momentary weakness he reacted to his rage. He struck out an Egyptian man on the left side of his chest and the man suddenly died. The news got out Moses had to flee. In fact this resulted in 40 years spent in the desert. He eventually was chosen by God should represent the Jewish people and to take them out of Egypt where they work in bondage. The story is quite sweet but the Jewish people who were eventually taken out of Egypt got stranded in the desert for 40 years. They have been promised and ordered The land of Israel the promised land however because of their own lack of belief in their own abilities and the victim attitude they did not dare to risk. The moral of the story in the Bible story already mess. But the two points that I would like to bring up or as follows. Number one momentary weakness in the face of an on emotional outburst, and outer child behavior and loss of self control can result in 40 years of regret. In fact it is said that moment of anger can lead to thousands of moments of regret. Of all the things we get to do in personal development nothing is as difficult and challenging as self control. In other words all the external obstacles and challenges Fade in comparison to the challenge that we represent ourselves. The biggest challenge we have her face is our own reactive behavior. The other lesson of the story is that another person for perspective of ourselves our vision of ourselves being held holding ourselves in our victim Ness and victimhood can result in result in 40 years being lost and stranded in the desert. We got to believe in ourselves and Let’s go about victim stories. Without socks self-confidence we have nothing. So the key to success is personal development and the queue to personal development is mastering self.

Adam sho Shahram:

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Enrollment: It’s like getting a girl into bed 1st wall: they do not want to engage: solution is acknowledgment

  1. Mask-who they are trying to be-their ego—take your own mask off first then they will take off theirs



Vulnerability—I had the same issue…take off your mask—who were you before the training and who are you now? Before I was not passionate, loving, I was dead inside, not leading and inspiring…before the training my mask was always my image, I wanted people to see I was great but deep inside I was sad and lonely and I only cared about myself—-now I wake up and I am passionate and I am able to connect with people and I am an inspiration, I do not wear my mask, I hold my own power, even if others don’t love me, go fuck yourself, hundreds of people do…inspirational and passionate and loving room


  1. Master Control Room—Listen Listen Listen with interest——come from neutrality, focus out, Listen, interest, I am here for you, focus on their greatness, I want to see you and your greatness, Empathy-compassion—-I feel you, I understand you, just like my doctoring


What they want is on the other side of mitt transformation.

Which one of us has a story. Each one of us has suffered in someway. Each one of us has experienced pain and discomfort in such a way. Each one of us is struggling with something right now. Nobody’s life has been perfect. Nobody’s life will be perfect. Perfection in life does not exist. Might my Gandhi did not have a perfect life. Dr. King did not have a perfect life. Einstein did not have a perfect life. Addison did not have a perfect life. No one will have change the world had a perfect life. No leader scholar teacher revolutionary had a perfect life. But what did not stop them was the imperfection of their lives. What did not stop them was the stories that they told themselves. They were not victims of their situation. They were not giving their power away to their imperfections of life. They looked at life as a cup half full. They saw the goodness in life. They were able to get beyond the problem and the issues and look at the possibilities and what is possible. I have had my issues in my life I have had my ups and downs. My shortcomings. My conditions. My problem is. My imperfections. That’s what made that’s what makes us humans. What makes us humans is our imperfections. If we were perfect we would be a robot or something of an imagination but not in reality because none of us are perfect and none of us live perfect lives. There’s nowhere more than in the Bible that you can’t see this. I love the Old Testament. The stories within the Old Testament have survived thousands of years and date teach on believable life lessons to those who read it. Abraham did not have a perfect life Isaac did not have a perfect life Jacob did not have a perfect life Moses did not have a perfect life Joseph did not have a perfect life davit did not have a perfect life David did not have a perfect life Solomon did not have a perfect life in fact Job did not have a perfect life no one in fact in the Bible or anywhere else we put on mind and focus on is enjoying a perfect life. There’s always a part of life that’s in perfect. There’s always a part of life that’s missing. There’s always a part of life that is Philpot struggle. It is the way life is designed. That is how it is supposed to be. It is supposed to be in perfect. It is supposed to be filled with struggles and challenges. It is the challenges the struggles and hardships that makes us stronger and helps us grow as people. There is a story. Astronauts who went to space took some honeybees with them. The honeybees were floating around. This is a story that Joel Osteen one of my all-time favorite spiritual and personal development teachers shared with me. The honeybees flowed it freely in the space they were happy. Life was perfect. There was no work to be done. They were just floating in the space comfortably. There were there was no pressure on them. In fact no pressure whatsoever. But they all died. It floated around and they died. None of us wants to live that kind of life. None of us wants to just float around in comfort and end up dying. In fact in my 50 years of life I have seen numerous examples of people who wear not required to do any work because they were born into a rich family with a silver spoon in their mouth‘s. Kids did not turn out so well. In fact they were so bored with themselves so purposeless so over filled with everything that they had no need to struggle. They ended up getting into drugs to numb themselves or feel something. They ended up feeling numb and bored at purposeless and directionless. So two are people who have no purpose in life they just float around. They just go from day today today today going to work coming home watching television drinking beer falling asleep waking up the next day going to work coming home following the same routine over and over again I don’t the weekends they just hang around: cool they just float like the honeybees in space. These kind of people also become depressed and they become purposeless and eventually they die. That is not life. Life is designed it do you have purpose. And who is the one that gives us the purpose ourselves. We are the ones that create the purpose in our lives. We are the ones that identify what we are here to do and then actively seek out opportunities out opportunities out there outside of us. Those opportunities that give us an opening to get one step closer to our purpose. To make our purpose a reality. And that struggle to overcome obstruction and get one step closer to our end result is what flavors our life. Imagine you’re cooking chicken. You decide that you’re just going to put the chicken in the oven or deep fry it or boil it. But you refuse to put any kind of condiment or spices or herbs on this chicken. How palatable is your check chicken is going to be? But chances are you can’t even eat the chicken if you do you feel like you’re going to throw up. Life isn’t supposed to be blinded. That life isn’t supposed to be spice mess. Going back to the example of the chicken Kentucky fried chicken in fact was created by an old man who was over 60 years old when he decided that he was not going to give up and die. He was going to leave his purpose. We went from place to place restaurant to restaurant to sell his special recipe deep fried chicken. Think about it deep fried chicken clogging up your arteries I killing you but people can’t stop eating it. In fact it is my absolute favorite fast food even though it is not the best healthiest choice for me. Every so often I can go and get some just because of your herbs and spices. It just the origin all recipes amazing. That’s the point. Life is about the herbs and the spices. The condiments. Those things that make it meaningful. They give it taste. They give it purpose. They give it a reason. That’s what we are here to do is to find our purpose pursue it overcome obstacles grow as a result of it just like an athlete goes to the gym works out but is the pain in order to get gain of the growth of his muscle and strength that he is purposefully seeking to have. In fact when you go to the gym are you doing reps the first 10 reps that you do don’t really give you much strength if they’re easy. Where you start gaining muscle and strength is when actually you are having a hard time pushing and lifting. When things are tough that’s when your muscles start growing. It’s against resistance. Against pressure. It’s against negative force. When you have that have like pushing back and you’re pushing forward that’s when you grow. When you think you can’t do it anymore when you’re ready to give up when you’re ready to throw in the towel that is in fact when you are going to grow. Push a little harder push a little more. This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for. The struggle the challenge the obstacle is what you’re waiting for. Wayne shows up celebrate. Jump up-and-down and say thank you Lord for sending me this opportunity to grow. Thank you Lord for sending me this opportunity to become a better version of myself. Thank you God that you are giving me this opportunity to help others and leave my purpose. Yes it’s tough. Yes it’s painful. Yes you feel like giving up. Yes you feel like throwing the talent throw in the towel. Yes you want to go home and pull the blanket over your head and say go to sleep but when you don’t give in is when the growth stocks. I am here to tell you that no matter how difficult your life seems to be at this moment, no matter how impossible the game seems to be. Struggle knowing that it is doing you good. Struggle knowing that it is the purpose of life to struggle and grow. What is it that you’re here for. What is it in your gut that you feel is your calling. What is your purpose in life. What are you good at? What are you excited about? Is there something that you can’t wait to do when you wake up in the morning and you know you’re going to be doing that in the evening all day you’re excited and looking forward to it? Utilizing that message from the universe that you get, knowing that you love doing whatever it is you’re so excited about ask yourself what can I do so that I get to do this more often and help the universe doing it. There’s definitely a way to transform that love that passion that compassion that desire into a purpose and then watch you transform it and transmuted into a purpose then you get to do it just served humanity.

Dear Steven:

Yes, I have been having a great Pessac so far. Thanks very much for the Update. It was very well presented. A

I would like to know the link to the site. I would also know as to how much you have offered each eBook for and how you have come to decide the price for each.

 Hi Dr. Sheibani,

As per my email to your in late October last year showing you the early draft of the Shopify test we created, the site is still at that same URL which is

We also noticed that the domain name was not in use and un-owned, so in order to prevent anyone else from diverting traffic from the Shopify site, we purchased that domain and pointed it at this Shopify account.  Once the agreed threshold of revenue is achieved, we will transfer the domain name to you as part of the whole package we created.

Regarding the eBook prices:

We have analyzed a lot of the competition, other offers and pricing methods.  There is a wide range out there.  Many business eBooks are free.  Others are as much as $19.95 to $39.85 — most of the high end prices are for well known celebrity of business and/or best selling authors.

We have priced the American Elite / My Expert Mentor eBooks mostly around $4.95 to start and $9.95 for the “Power Packages” or 3/4 Books and $19.95 for the complete package (all 9 eBooks which is well over 300 page (though with a big font size, lots of space, and photos).  We believe these prices are below market value though the idea is to attract attention with a very good value to get conversions to sales going, then we can fine tune to advertising, marketing’s and website pages more effectively.   Once we have that going well, we would raise the price and find the “sweet spot” that maximizes the ROI.

We are offering the first chapter of the “Millionaires Insider Tips…” eBook as a complimentary loss leader — as we discussed — with the intent that this will lead to more sales of the rest of that book and the other book.

In order to download that book, users have to submit their email address which we will then also use for re marketing. There are also other links within each book to spur sales of the other books.

I hope this all sounds good to you.

All the Best,

Believing in God is Is a choice. It is a smart choice. Believing in a power greater than ourselves provides us with a great deal of advantages. Faith is a choice as well. Requirements for spirituality hate it hate is Bree or something without any proof. When we choose to have a open our hearts to the impossible. And impossible invariably happens in our lives. When do the pasta flow go for it. Let that slow come through you there is a tying in miracles. He is very cognizant of crying. When the timing is right I’m good with the allies that things are falling into place don’t lose the opportunity. Very sensitive to timing. It’s all about timing. Miracles happen in our lives to other people and to being in the right place at the right time. Recheck was open. That requires liability. That requires a purity of sentences. That requires open and I was moving on the impossible. Believing the possible is it safe. Everyone who has created anything in this world are done so fly safe. Before there was a light ball someone imagine that there would be an instrument that would blow in the dark I would impart liked. This individual was Thomas Edison. Who is on the face for Magens the existence of light ball and try 10,000 times to create it. He they have planned thousand times by going to ask him about for war was that I did not fail I just found 10,000 signs how it was not possible to create. There is no scientific proof for God yet. I believe in the near future we will be able to today existence of God with physical science and as the capabilities and the scientific knowledge of humankind expands we will be able to after I return scientific with some misses all of you who did the thought. But yeah higher power or it’s of me described as the cosmos has the planet a creation whatever we choose to describe it as I believe that God exists. My choice is to believe the existence of God and believe that it is on order for everything. There are no accidents. I believe that there is an accountability. When we do good receive but when we do bad really think that. They law of cars and effect in place. In my life when I have acted according to the laws of screws reality my life has gone better. But I have been honest with myself an honest and those around me when I have done the things that I have been good to people that I have says I’m given of myself I have prayed and then conscientious, when I have been a sprint you’re being a love that we won as myself, when I have spread joy and love as being a bitch and I’ll‘s neutrality I have experience happiness and joy my life and I have created positive excellent results. On the other hand additionally I have noticed that when I am negative, I come from a negative late, I feel jealousy of black clip, I grew negative thing I love rephrase that I love you act that way as well. I create negative things in my life. My life doesn’t work so well when I go against the laws of speech rabbity. In fact in my life every time I have fallen away from the Schuylkill practices that I know are the right ways of being, I have experienced breakdowns in my life. There’s a power in taking responsibility. There is power in being accountable. And I know that I create everything in my life and I am the cause of everything that happens to me that I cannot blame anyone else. My believing God my belief is neutrality my knees and goodness create my world. I am the creator of my reality. What are you doing life automatically as a result of what I create a life. And I love others I get love that then I give up my cell I receive more than I said someone shares with me next say and what is interesting is it is not good for that it is not equal measure for equal measure sometimes I give a little and I miss you so much more in my life whatever I want as far as the system help I have received assistance and help. It doesn’t come from the same place at all times. Sometimes I sit doesn’t help comes from the most unexpected unpredicted row of places. I’m nevertheless it come. I have many examples of this. But what is interesting is the house always call little people. It is other people who create what is called a miracle end it for the most part of the miracle that I have expressed my life in someway has con who another individual. Most often we live in yours are people water loving ritual and our practice the trafficking their lives. Return it is on the Nietzsche. Return if he is not a form of form of Bernie’s the way receiving isn’t hormone released with them that we called religion. It is a true practice of love and giving without any expectation of return. It is true practice and love go south with that. It is to practice of causative energy Reading positive energy who are environment. That is spirituality when we feel positive when we resonate with positivity when we gave ourselves just for the sake of giving that is edible our existence there is an opening created within our existence which usually filled with positivity and this positivity find a child made it into Americal. A lot of times things that happen that we don’t even know how that came about. We can’t even imagine it is not measurable it is not reproducible and it is not accountable. It just happened. That is Americal. My life is Americal. What I’m living is Americal. What are you live before was Americal. I couldn’t even believe how my life was create create it. When I look back on my life you only way that I can describe it is a miracle. I met the man in my early 30s who was a genius. A true genius. Rick was a man who was about 360 pounds at 59. He was obese and I’m difficulty walking and moving about. He was not an attractive person on a physical level. However we had an intelligence that was Story of Rick Namey write the story of Rick Namey  I like the story of Andrew Randy Erb getting into Saint Joseph hospital rain to keep a ring it being spring from Kaballah Center reality find me my wife my wife having a home in Beverly Hills is a matter of a couple of years going from zero to Beverly Hills and notify going from not knowing the cycle of Cosmetic Surgery so that Weiner and expert will receive a few years however decision making power up universe.  When we make a decision that is in alignment with us ritual billing being the universe supports us and we create results that are beyond ordinary. It is very important that the decisions we make our own path with alignment with who we are and what we are here to do our people.   Rodrick was a slow ourselves to have the choirs us to be positive people. That requires us to this ritual people. God requires us to be open. That requires us to be warrantable. That requires us to be reeling.   

Welcome to Dr. New Me of Beverly Hills, Shane Sheibani’s Personal Coaching

I am excited to help you unlock your full potential and achieve your personal goals. As a certified life coach, I specialize in empowering individuals to develop a positive mindset, build self-confidence, and improve their overall well-being. Let’s work together to create a plan that will help you thrive and live the life you have always envisioned.

Dr. New Me Quotes 2011 to 01-15-2012

Please make sure you credit me for each of the quotes and then make sure please Dr. New Me in the

credits is a link to Dr. New Me website.

Quotes by Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Davidson):

1. We can always be looking back in regret and be wondering  What If…? but is not a better question to

ask of ourselves:  What is next…?  and then  What else…? and again later ask  What now…?  What I

have come to realize is that our inner soul has the greatest compass ever designed. Our soul naturally

has been programmed to know down to the DNA level as to where we must be in life and also knows

when we arrive. It also knows when we are on the right path or off of the right path. We just must be

willing to listen, adjust our direction is life and then once we are on the right path, our job is to keep


                  __ Dr. New Me

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

2. Feeling truly happy requires one’s ability to appreciate those things he has and to be fine with the

lack of those things he wishes he had.

IF one has ALL he needs at ALL times, the appreciation of what one does have is reduced so greatly that

it leads to a feeling of entitlement and eventually unhappiness!

                  __ Dr. New Me

(Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)

3. “Yes life is a balancing act!”

                  __ Dr. New Me

(Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)

4. “A good friend will not just agree with everything you say even if he disagrees with your opinion! He'll

tell you as it is!”

                  __ Dr. New Me

(Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)

5. Let’s not forget through the year,

To enjoy each day with good cheer!;

                                 Dr. Daniel  Davidson

6. “Your Certainty minus your Doubts equal your potential for success!”                  

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

7. “The more confidence you have in your own abilities, the more successful you can become! “               


(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

8. “Confidence comes from our ability to survive adversity!”


(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

9. To change the world for the better, we each must look in the mirror and change ourselves!! We

deserve BETTER!!! Wish us all the ULTIMATE HEAVENLY WORLD WE DESERVE; now!

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

10. ;GOD is GOODNESS! If you Love GOD; Just do GOOD and you can call GOD whatever name your

SOUL resonates with!

 ______ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

11. Often, great dreams call for great sacrifices!

 ______ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

12. As a faithful People, to achieve our calling is not about our numbers but about the strength of our


 ______ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

13. Leaving a stable condition or relationship does cause some temporary instability! Yes! But

sometimes there is no stability in certain relationships or situations to begin with! So lack of that

relationship or situation causes more of stability!

 ______ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

14. One thing I have learned is when the world seems to be going in all kinds of directions; I like to

anchor myself to something solid and watch things from somewhere stable and solid afar from the

chaos! No sense of letting the Chaos takes over our life too!

__ ______ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

15. Think and live BIG– not just financially but spiritually as well!

 ______ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

16. Leadership Tact is the Skill and Capability of the leader to ignite such fire in his flock that moves

them towards his intended goal while they step with fire in their belly!

     _________ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

17. The person who has compelling enough reasons for his struggles will find a way!

                     _________ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

18. ALL Physicians are humans except those who are from the planet Mars in which case they are

Martians. As such all American physicians are entitled to the same rights as any American is, even if the

Medical Establishments and Administrators do not care to acknowledge this reality!

_________ Dr. Daniel  Davidson 

19. Read every quote that you can get your hands on authored by a person who has made a success of

his life in one good way or another! Each quote is usually a reflection of a deep seated belief that has

contributed to his success! Your brain will eventually adopt the same beliefs and help push you right to

the top of your game in your fields of endeavor!___ Dr. Daniel  Davidson

20. The measure of a man’s Best effort is nothing but that man’s own conscience! To be fully content

make sure you always do your absolute best, under the circumstances, moment to moment!

After you do your absolute best, nothing else matters!

_________ Dr. Daniel Davidson 

21. Diamond is not worth much as a rock; a piece of carbon like charcoal! But the pressures over the

years turn it into diamond! Metals are pieces of rock; but by heat and pressure turn into valuable goods!

Metal-smith heats the metal and before it melts bangs it by a heavy hammer into shape; using heat and

pressure to mold it into an eternal beautiful asset! Just like Metal and Diamond take shape and become

valuable by mere pressure; so too people become who they are meant to be only if they are willing to

tolerate the pressures of life that are meant to shape them; and they do not give up! After we reach a

higher level closer to our ultimate calling; we must be willing to leave our protected comfortable

environment and move to where our new self can manifest its intended future! To achieve ultimate

fulfillment in life, we must be willing to risk by leaving our comfort zone. This is not painless nor is it

easy! Think of a bird; a butterfly or seed of a tree; none will materialize if they each fail to tolerate the

breakage of the comfort of the walls within which they are each comfortable! Every birth of any being

requires similar processes made up of:  Breaking of the wall of that being’s egg, seed or womb in order

to expel the new-borne through pressure and even pain into a new existence!

Where pain and pressure seem to be intolerable and you realize a change is inevitable; celebrate your

impending re-birth; start getting ready for what is outside the walls of the comfortable place you spend

your days and nights at! You are evolving into something more, consistent with your Ultimate YOU; soon

you will be emerging as that person who you were borne to be in life! Believe it and you shall see it! It

takes continued tolerance and belief!”

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)


22. Becoming your calling you must learn to live with confidence despite the ongoing pressures and

pains in life! To Keep on Living with TOTAL CONFIDENCE, two things are Absolutely required:

1. The Belief in an omnipotent pure power that knows ALL and has planned you to be your ultimate

calling in this life-time; all tests in life are coming to prepare you for that future ultimate You!

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

23. The Knowing that the ultimate life and your ultimate calling is coming in the Better Tomorrow

designed by he who has made you! No matter what, you must not quit!! 

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)


24. When you think about the foundation of a relationship, it’s finally ultimately all about respect and

then eventually comes trust and love! 

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

25. Money: you don’t appreciate it enough until you have experienced its lack!

Money is not bad, it is a blessing, it is our relationship and points of views about money that drives it

into our lives or out of it! 

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)


26. You may possess things. But you may not be possessed by those things. Wish for abundance and

freedom; not for mere physical things! 

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)


27. Broke is a temporary state, poor is forever; Feel, act and live as wealthy does; even if you are

temporarily broke; as long as you are true to your vision, to your commitment and to your intentions; it

is OK to experience the temporary lack that comes with the pursuit of your dreams!

(Dr. Daniel Davidson, MD)

28. “True Friends:

Do you have any friends who would risk their own life to save yours? I am not sure if there are that

many of them out there!! But they do exist!! Who give you money you need when they need it

themselves; even if they have to borrow it to lend you! Who stand by you when they too would be

scrutinized and subject to ridicule or even attack? You know your friends when you truly need them!!

When our TRUE friends have shown their real marks; they are worth being a TRUE FRIEND to!

I have decided that I will be in par in friendship to that which others demonstrate in their friendship to

me! I think that is the fairest way to treat friends!” 

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

29. My delusion is that I am happy, no matter who says otherwise! Sometimes people around us (most

while meaning well) want to manipulate us to do what they want us to do (usually because they think

they know what is best for us); and directly or indirectly hint that we are not happy! The key is to do the

right things in our own life, although it seems to be or is not all fun and games! 

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

30. There is usually a solution for every problem; But sometimes there just isn’t! We do all we can and

there is simply no solution! That is when we grow-up! We accept reality and lick our wounds and get

over it! 

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

31. “Trust and respect in relationships are earned hand-in-hand by those involved! Trust and Respect

are arguably the most significant feelings we can have towards those we are in a relationship with. Trust

and Respect are to a relationship as the roots and barks are to a tree, they hold the relationship intact!

They must be earned if they are to last and not just bestow upon us! We must constantly prove worthy

by manifesting integrity, decency and consideration to earn respect and trust!” 

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

32. “While respect and trust must be constantly earned in a relationship, we can give and receive love to

each other even if we haven't earned it! Love and passion are to a relationship as the branches, leaves

and fruits are to a tree!  For love to last, we must maintain respect and trust toward each other!

So, in a significant relationship it is a priority that we work to earn trust and respect;  having the

assurance that in due time love most likely will follow!”

___Dr. Daniel  Davidson, MD, ND, MBA, FAACS

33. “Absence grows heart fonder! Since you are both working ALL the time, you two must be super-fond

of each other by now!”


(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

34. You want to meet the Master Of Mistakes! not is me! 

The proudest man who boasts about his mistakes is most likely me! And that proves I have no bragging

rights in this area and I am not the smartest! There hardly a day goes by that I don’t make a mistake! But I try to learn from them all, not to ever repeat them again and make a new one every day! On the other

hand; the smartest man is the one who has committed all the mistakes he needed to make in order to

master his life and now he is not the one who learns from his own mistakes any more, but one who

learns from the mistakes of others while teaching others how to avoid their mistakes!

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

35. “Unless we are willing risk and do what seems very difficult; it is very unlikely that we would taste

ultimate fulfillment in our life! But just because it’s hard to do; that doesn’t make it the right thing to do!

Savvy and experience comes with age and a true genius is the one who doesn’t run from great

challenges; yet finds the easiest ethical path to overcome them! There is NO honor in suffering; BUT


(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

36. “When it comes to life; only each person for himself can find the purpose for his creation! The great

news is that we each do have our own purpose for our existence. Any questions? Inquire within!”

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)


37. “Any able-bodied person must be able earn himself a decent living no matter where he is! If he can’t,

the problem is not where he lives, nor anything else except his beliefs!”

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

38. “Behind every dark night there shall come a beautiful sunny day, but you must be willing to patiently


(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

39. “No matter what life does to us, even if we feel crumbled and crushed under the pressure, we are

still valuable as is a wrinkled crushed $100 bill! Plus, as a result of life’s obstacles and difficulties, we have more experiences and that adds to our value! Have a great Day!”

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

40. “Just one thing at a time is allowed to enter and take valuable-space in your mind only! You; as almost all people of the world can’t do more than one thing at each given moment anyways; too many

simultaneous problems clog up our mind and render it ineffective. Why cripple your mind by allowing

more than one concern in? The sooner you can get that one thing handled, the sooner you can focus

on another! So, live life one step at a time!” 

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

41. “As it is in our heart and soul; so it will be in our life! You have a great heart, and a great soul. Fill

yourself with Love; Calm and Joy; so Love, Calm and Joy will be your experience in life!

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

42. “Surround yourself with good people and avoid the smallest bad intentions! Moment to moment

check to be centered in every aspect of your existence and don’t stop working on it until you are


(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

When it comes to prayer remember that:

“Spoken language is merely a series of squeaks.” Alfred North Whitehead

43. “It is not the mere words that make your prayers powerful and recognized but the sincerity and

kindness of your purpose. Pray for the good of others and that of yourself, from the depth of your heart

and soul! The Prayer of Good People who want good for themselves and others can’t be futile!”

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

44. Make a point of checking your thoughts, words and actions moment to moment! Stay in Neutral or

as close to it as possible and your life will change in matter of days!  from Life


(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

45. “Unconditional Love makes life heaven and makes sex climax of a heavenly experience!”

__Dr. New Me from Life Experiences

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

46. “It is the perception of the mind that makes the reality so?”

__Dr. New Me from Life Experiences

(Dr. Daniel  Davidson)

47. “If you don’t feed and take care of your horses, donkeys and dogs; they either die or end up serving

someone else! Same is true of people in your business and life! Except people are not happy with mere

minimum! You need to give them maximum you possibly can! If  you give them maximum and they still

are not happy; there are two possibilities; most likely you must do more than you are doing; but if it is

not possible to please them even when you have clearly done all there is in your power to do; then

accept the reality that you can’t please them.”

(Dr. Daniel Davidson)

That requires us to give ourselves. How my life ALU Parking and I went away from God and got angry at God and things got even worse and I found myself in the darkest of moments through your old one. When I started to pray my world opens up again. When the documents was the greatest but I couldn’t even find my iPod held my hand but some people into my life that help support the greatest medicals of life that are Lah-Lah Carly he was a miracle my ex-wife with and make all my marriage wasn’t gonna call my children live miracles like business with the neck all going to Cosmetic Surgery and was in a car buying a house and they would be able to make all the time and expense and Cosmetic Surgery was Americal drink there’s a out of the surgery was Americal getting off the board and Cosmetic Surgery was Americal are extraordinary results those results that are not reproducible why you’re human ability in the current moment but will happen anyway they require certain practices

The process of Transformation is a relatively involved process. We first DISCOVER what we don’t know. We then have to find the courage within us to PURSUE that which we discover. We pursue it, find a mentor, listen, watch, discuss  & LEARN. The final step, and the test is our ACTIONs! Our actions are the final demonstrations of who we have become, and if we done succeed to act in transformation under the circumstances, we then need to practice in transformation to make our learning our second nature; which is MASTERY! Once the new lessons in transformation become our second nature, that’s when it becomes an automatic behavior pattern for us, that’s who we are! In time, when sufficient of our thoughts, communications, behaviors, actions are aligned with transformation, that’s when one has ultimately become a Transformation Master. In history perhaps a handful of individuals have reached that level of mastery. 

We can’t fix others! We are not responsible for fixing others! All we can do is emit positive energy all the time and be kind to others as much as possible.

Our toughest decisions in life are the selection of our friends and the environments we hang-around in. The people we most frequently spend time with will for the most part determine who we become. The places we most often hang-around in determine what we learn and whom we befriend. These are huge decisions; though we often make them very casually. 

It is a fact and a given that occasionally our trust will be betrayed and that we will be mistreated! That is not a question! The question is, if after the occasional betrayal and abuse, we are still going to love, forgive and remain vulnerable. If we are, then as a person we have succeeded.

We are the ones responsible for the protection of our own mind and soul. Guard your ears and eyes very carefully and select your friends even more cautiously. 

There are seven spiritual levels and as a man you can grow up to 3-4 of them!! In every spiritual level one can find a mate that spiritually completes him helping him to grow to the next spiritual level. 

Always try to do what’s right, even if you have to stand alone!

As we grow older in life, we realize that we need to be willing to surrender ourselves to life! We need to always do our best in everything we do, but we learn that it is not us against life! We can work hard, struggle, chase our dreams and sacrifice but ultimately we’d realize that life is in charge. Life has its own plans for us and we eventually end-up where we are meant to be!! Happiness is an inside job! Just learn to be happy with what life has decided for you. Just be positive, care about others, surrender yourself to life and be willing to be happy with what life wants for you.

Way more important than the speed in which we travel are the direction and the path in which we travel. Slow down or even temporarily stop if you have to, but make sure you are traveling the right way!

The first step to changing our life is to take responsibility for our life. Everything we experience and our current situation is a byproduct of our own decisions and actions. By accepting the fact that our decisions resulted in our outcome and it wasn’t someone else’s fault, gives us immense power because we then have the opportunity to make different decisions and create different results in our life.

The first step to changing our life is to take responsibility for our life. Everything we experience and our current situation is a byproduct of our own decisions and actions. By accepting the fact that our decisions resulted in our outcome and it wasn’t someone else’s fault gives us immense power because we then have the opportunity to make different decisions and create different results in our life. 

Occasionally in life we don’t know what we don’t know but life teaches us the lessons we need to learn through adversity or heartbreak. 

A better world is created when we each change ourselves. 

Good Tuesday everyone. Today is a great day to make some changes in our life even if very small. 

If there has been a tough decision lingering in your life, today is a great day to finalize those tough decisions and move on. 

Sometimes in order to avoid the painful consequence of a decision, we suspend the decision. By doing that we extend the painful consequences of indecision. Not knowing what’s gonna happen could be as painful as the thing you fear just happening. Being in “limbo” hurts. Usually when you do the right thing, everybody who is involved eventually benefits.