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My Appreciation

This is my Attempt to Say THAKS!

I need to thank the thousands of patients who have entrusted their lives in my hands, and have referred their family, loved ones, and friends. 

 I appreciate you for bestowing your trust in me. Performing thousands of cosmetic surgeries was fulfilling the greatest dream of my life, as was becoming a successful, and prominent cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Achieving my dreams became possible with your love, kindness, and support, and for that, I would forever be thankful to each one of you. 

My Dear Beloved Patients, Thank You All For Your Trust!

I Thank my Mentors, Colleagues, and all Those Who Have in Some Way Been Instrumental in my Success!

Beside the amazing pateints who entrusted their lives and that of their family, loved ones, and friend in my hands, I have had the privilege of working with many amazing colleagues in my career who have equally contributed to my success as a cosmetic surgeon. There are too many to mention, many of whom are already retired, or no longer with us. 

The late Dr. Bernard Koire was a legend in Beverly Hills. He was one of the greatest plastic surgeons who practiced in Beverly Hills for over fifty years. I had the privilege of completing my first year of Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship under his tutelage in Beverly Hills, on Bedford Drive. 

I followed that with two more years with Dr. Morton Mazaheri, another world-renowned Plastic and Reconstructive, Cosmetic Surgeon and worked with him for several years after. He is also a legend. 

The late Dr. Mark Berman who was also a legend was a true leader, a pioneer, and a man who always wanted to push the envelop of science, inventing, teaching, and lecturing globally, doing his best to make the field of Cosmetic Surgery a better, more respectable and legitimate field. 

My great friend and generous friend, Dr. Robert Yoho, an amazing Cosmetic Surgeon, a scientist with a huge hunger for learning, teaching, and most importantly a truly great human being, who is a selfless philanthropist. 

Dr. John Yermian, a fantastic Plastic, Cosmetic Surgeon, is a man that I am proud to call my friend. He is a human being with a heart as big as the world. Generous, kind, giving and caring. He is the true essence of the word “healer”! 

My great friend, Dr. Joel Aronowitz, who has been one of the long-standing top leaders of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Cedars Sinai Hospital. A man who works tirelessly to care for his patients with humble kindness, and gentle professionalism. 

My great friend, the living legend, Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Ronald Strahan, one of UCLA’s top surgeons, who has voluntarily served tens of thousands of patients arounds the world as a service to humanity. 

There are too many other friends and colleagues with whom I have had the privilege of working, and who have touched my life in many ways, and for all those many reasons, I owe them all a huge debt of gratitude as well. Without them, my dream of becoming a successful Cosmetic Surgeon in Beverly Hills would never have become a reality. 

Cosmetic Surgery was my life’s greatest initial dream, and my number one passion. My “First Mountain” in life. So, in addition to the above patients, friends and colleagues, I must thank all those who in some way contributed to my ability to successfully practice Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills. You all made it possible for me to experience some of the happiest years of my life before these current ones, and for that I truly thank each one of you. It was as if, as an “eagle”, I experienced flight, and got to soar and land on the top of my “First Mountain” thanks to you all.    

But God, often, has His hand in our lives, and has his plans for us. I feel as if, He wanted me to “fly off” that First Mountain, so that I had to take flight again, towards my “Second Mountain” and “Third”! I am truly happy on the path that God has chosen for me, and I feel truly blessed to have been chosen for it. I know there is a great deal of growth ahead of me.  I know I will continue to be humbled along the way, and without a doubt, there will be unwanted human errors. I will do my best to minimize them, but there will be a few, hopefully, rare mistakes, nonother less, despite all my future efforts. 

However, like all others, I am also inflicted by my humanness. I hereby apologize for my occasional shortcoming’s, ahead of time!  As a result of grace of God, and His kind wishes, although they were disguised at the time, and the experiences were extremely painful for me, I have grown tremendously. I have learned numerous lessons which short of these experiences I would not have learned. I am thankful for the lessons, and for the growth that they have gifted me. 

As a proverbial “eagle”, my “wings” have grown much stronger and larger. I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually much healthier, stronger and mature now. I feel more confident, and I know that I am a wiser leader. 

Although far from perfect, I am working on myself every day. I know and I appreciate the value of what God has been trying to teach me.  I have learned how fragile life really is. Losing Dr. Simoni, a younger, up and coming Facial Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills who died during the same hospitalization as I, when I also was in the ICU with COVID-19 as he was, I realized how fragile life is, and how I could have, as the ER Physician predicted, died too.  

We lost Dr. Mark Berman, a healthy, and health conscious, relatively young Cosmetic Surgeon a couple of years ago to an untimely death, as we have many others.  

In the last few years, although I could have died, for the grace of God, I have not. I know he kept me alive for a good reason, as the likelihood of dying were pretty high under the circumstances.  I survived, I wholeheartedly thank God for that, and also for not being defeated. On the contrary, the opposite, I feel truly blessed. I find it necessary to thank God for sparing my life, and carrying me through the “Fire” into “Safety, and Glory of the Present”. 

Experiencing the achievement of the “Second Mountain” would certainly be an amazing blessing. An achievement worth all the efforts, and I am certainly excited and thankful for the opportunity.  

My “Second Mountain” is working in a field of endeavor that allows all my inner talents, in addition to those that are seen through the medical and surgical practice, shine through. 

I am on my “Second Mountain” but eyeing my “Third Mountain”! “First Mountain” is still part of my territory. I did not abandon it to the “enemy”! 

Yet, I am on a much larger, greener, taller mountain! I believe, I can serve a greater number of people standing on this mountain, than I ever could, standing on my “First Mountain”! 

I believe that this is where I am meant to serve Him for now! So, I will!  

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