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Here are Only a Few of Hundrreds of Dr. New Me of Beverly Hills, Shane Sheibani's Reviews!

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you over the years! Dr. New Me of Beverly Hills, Shane Sheibani

The New Me Institute has improved the quality of life for hundreds of cosmetic surgery patients over the years. We would like to share the voices of some of our satisfied patients by making their original testimonials available on this website.
Dr. Sheibani,
Thank you for the beautiful new look you gave me! I love what you did and you have a customer for life. ~ Anastasia
To your staff and their wonderful manner, another BIG THANK-U. I hope to see you soon for my “face lift”I wouldn’t go to any other doctor – you have spoiled me so.

Once again a big thank you. I look and feel wonderful with so little effort. If only I knew, I would have done it years ago.

All my love & thanks to you all. ~ Diane
Dear Dr. Sheibani and Staff,
In all my 55 years with doctors (& they have been numerous) I have yet to meet such a more compassionate & caring doctor.

Thank-you for being so patient with me, with all my questions & my perpetual state of worry & “THEN’ it was all over!

Four days later I was out for the entire day & then I returned home to guests for the evening – SOMETHING I NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!
Dearest Dr. Sheibani & Jen,
It has been a “privilage” meeting you! I can only think God brought you into our lives for a purpose, & for that I thank him.

You are a “Blessing” to all around you! Thank you again for the “Wonderful” way in which you handled me and my operation. I look forward to my “face lift”.

May God continue to Bless you and may his face shine on you all. ~ Love Dinky
Dear Dr. Sheibani,
I never dreamt how easily you could erase my life long complex about my thighs. I am thrilled with my results and that is only two months after my operation. Now I can’t wait to strut my stuff!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say that I can never THANK YOU ENOUGH for your special bedside manner!!

The operation was painless. I didnt even need to take pain killers after the op. That is how fantastic you are!

All I can say is…… THANK YOU 4 CHANGING MY LIFE!

Always indebted ~ Your patient Mandy
Dr. Sheibani,
After wearing braces from two different Orthodontists for four and a half years, I still did not feel comfortable with my own personal appearance. I stil wanted to improve my appearance a little more. I identified the problemafter several years of close evauation and study and I realized the problem that I was caused by my upper lip’s unusual abnormality and deformity. To resolve this deformity, I visisted as least twelve different doctors, including Oral-Maxilofacial Surgeons and a plastic surgeon at UCLA. The oral surgeons I saw told me I would need surgery on my upper lip but they did not know a procedure or a way to do it. the plastic surgeons I saw told me that the only way I could change my image was by moving my upper jaw. I even saw a few other plastic surgeons, including a Havard graduated Plastic Surgeon. He said that he could do nothing for me and matter of fact returned my consultation fee. These plastic surgeons told me to accept the way I look and just live with it. Emotionally this was devastating. After countless months of all this frustration, I heard about you Dr. Sheibani. When I originally met with you and asked you for help, I was ecstatic to find out that you siad you would probably be able to help me. I appreciated all of the time you took to learn what the problem was that was bothering me. You met with me on three different occasions and finally against your other colleagues’ recommendations just for the sake of helping another person, you devised an incredible new laser and plastic reconstructive technique to correct my upper lip deformity. Dr Sheibani, I love what you have done for me. I will forever be greatful for what you have done!!!
Dr. Sheibani,
Happy Rosh Hashanah. Thank you for the “new me”. You have been so kind and have made me feel alot better about myself. ~ Sincerely Brittany
Dr. Sheibani,
Thank you very much for the excellent job you did with my augmentation. I was nervous at first as I knew it would be a huge change. But finally I was able to fulfill my life long dream because of the excellent prices you offered.

I find you and your staff to be most helpful and understanding, and the staff at the surgery rooms were very gentle, thoughtful, and caring which made a big difference too.

I appreciate everything that “NewMe” has done for me and wont hesitate to recommend your services to friends. ~ Many Thanks Angela
Dear Medical Director of New Me Surgical Institute, a Medical Corporation,

The experience that I had at your institute was wonderful. I am totally happy with my results from my breast augmentation. I am very happy with my choice in picking your institute. I have no complaints, just compliments to your staff. Thank you for making my decision a success. The results were better than I expected. ~ Tracey
To Medical Director of New Me Surgical Institute, a Medical Corporation,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just can’t thank you enough for my new appearance. I look and feel years younger after my recent face lift. The staff was so caring. The medical facility was great! You deserve an A+ rating. I couldn’t have done it without you. ~ Sincerely, Jane
Dr. Sheibani,

Just wanted to say Thank You for such a wonderful job that you did on my breast. I am so much more happier with myself and my body.
Thank you Dr. Sheibani and your whole team for making this a pleasant procedure. Sometimes you go to these types of places where they make you feel uncomfortable, but you treated me like part of your family. Thank you so much for everything. I even recommended a friend! ~ Love, Sabrina
Dear Medical Director of New Me,

I am a perfectionist and for years I wanted my lips augmented but no place was good enough. Finally, after my consultation at your facility I felt at home. I tell you, you have a good thing. From the receptionist to the Front/Back Office to the Staff at the surgical center, my experience was nothing short of excellent. Above all, the expertise and mannerism of your surgeon, Dr. Sheibani, has been a pleasure. Thank you a whole lot for the new me. ~ I love you Sharon
Dr. Dr. Sheibani,

It has been seven months since my face lift and I writing to express my heartfelt gratitude; your operation has restored my confidence in my appearance, and with hardly any real pain at all.

I want you to know that people have had a really spectacular response to your work. I stayed inside for 2 weeks after the operation, but on the 15 th day I went back out into the world having told only one person about the procedure. Absolutely everyone told me how good I looked in a beard! You should have grown a beard years ago they said, It suits your face so well they told me. They saw a huge change, but thought it was my beard! Of course, it was the contour that you had created that they perceived through the beard that they were really responding to, without knowing it. Later, when I shaved the beard, people who knew me commented on how much good it had done my face to give it a rest from shaving! And strangers at the dog park, in the supermarket, at the gym asked me over and over if I was a movie star’. One day, a guy in the sauna swore he knew me from television but couldn’t remember which show I was on. And then everyone else in the sauna started to name shows and asked me if I was an actor! Now, at the seven month mark, swelling has subsided, tissues have healed, the work has had time to relax. I now no longer get the movie star remarks; but people still feel compelled to comment all the time on how well I am looking, how healthy. Of course, what they are really admiring is not my beard, my face or my healthy look, but your artistic eye, and surgical skill.

It is a very, very nice feeling indeed to have confidence restored at age 55, and the gratitude I have for you cannot be deeper or more genuine. I will always with you well, Dr. Sheibani.
Dear Dr Sheibani,

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you for being my surgeon and to let you know that I feel you are an asset to the medical community of Cosmetic Surgery.

As a woman it is easy to lose sight of what are considered healthy changes when wanting to delve into cosmetic makeovers. We are constantly bombarded with pictures of perfection and many of us are striving to get as close to that as possible without necessarily taking the time and common sense to look at things from a medical perspective. I believe that many women, including myself included forget that although it is cosmetic, it is still surgery and that makes it serious business.

As a registered nurse, I know how important it is to be informative and honest with patients. My hat is off to you for not sacrificing patient safety, ethics, and integrity to give us what we think we want without looking at all of the ramifications of the glamorous but serious surgery.

Thank you for taking the time to explain to me the small intricate dynamics of liposuction and all of the things to consider when having that procedures performed and re-performed. I know that you gave me the best professional information and I am grateful to you for doing so. Overall, I am very pleased with the results of my procedures. I believe that I have made an excellent selection having you as my surgeon. Bravo Dr. Sheibani. Keep up the fine work.

Dearest Dr Sheibani,

I can not express to you how much I appreciate your consideration. I’m looking forward to a new me and hope for you as much happiness as you give.

With love and gratitude,

I feel like a teenager again. It’s only been a little over two weeks and I almost have the figure I had in my early 20’s late teens. I can’t wait until all the swelling goes down. I am so happy with your work. I can’t thank you enough.

When people say looks don’t matter, they’re lying. I’m even getting treated better at work.

Thank you so very much for making me feel good about myself again.

Thank U, very much!

Dr. Sheibani,

You do great work and you’re a real great guy too! Thanks for fixing the nose and giving me my waist back!

Love Michelle
Dear Dr. Sheibani,

Thank you for your time and attention on Wednesday, March 19 th. I have really enjoyed the new me and the increased fun I a, experiencing when I go dancing . I believe true beauty comes from within, but as a doctor in holistic health I know that the optimal feeling of well-being that we all want in life includes an outer beauty which reflects our inner hopes and dreams.

As a single woman in Los Angeles approaching 60 years of age I had found myself becoming somewhat invisible to the opposite sex. That has all changed thanks to your help and ability. I especially appreciate the naturalness of the look you have given me. I didn’t want to look like I was wearing a mask, and lets face it, I have fair thin skin which tends to sag easily. You have given me a lift that looks believable.

Because I believe in the gift you give women, I believe my holistic skills would compliment your work with special needs women who are motivated to look good but need help with diet, exercise and/or smoking in order to be good candidates for your surgical skills. On Wednesday, I spoke to you about self-hypnosis, and upon reflection. I would like to propose a unique personalized package you could offer special needs clients.

I propose a package plan which would include a holistic diet and/or smoking evaluation and consultation, self-hypnosis training, prescription aids as indicated (for example: Wellbutrin or a mild diet pill), exercise recommendations, and help with hairstyle and make-up which gives a post surgery finishing touch. I would provide these services, giving you a written evaluation and recommendation which you could approve. I would also provide telephone follow up to keep the client on track, reporting to you if there were any problems. We need to determine a fair price for this package, both for you and me, which would be included as part of the surgical price estimate.

I am uniquely qualified to help provide these services not only because of my doctorate and extensive training in Holistic Health and Healing (which includes diet and lifestyle), but also because I am certified personal trainer and a licensed award winning Cosmetologist (Sak’s Fifth Avenue of Beverly Hills: 1 st place, Total Look 1992).

In experiencing you as my doctor I was struck by your attention to detail and warmth of feeling. Helping people to look, feel, and act their best is a wonderful mission in life. I hope I can join you in creating a program that helps special-needs clients move past outdated and hurtful habits and the feeling they are missing the joy of being all they can be.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Dr. Louise Camille
Dear Dr. Sheibani and your staff,

I’m taking this time to let you know how much I really appreciate you work I didn’t really know or understand how much work it takes for the type of surgery (Breast Augmentation) you did on Renee. All I can say is thanks and that I’m very pleased with your work, and what you did for us (you know what you did) we can’t even thank you enough.

I’ll tell you I was very skeptical about most of the surgeons that do cosmetic surgery, with all the rumors you hear and things I was very afraid. But after we talked to you and heard your story, we realized how you work I was very calmed. Very professional and very caring. I know that’s why you love your work and you’re very good at it. We are very, very pleased.

As for the men out there that are skeptical don’t be this man does great work, I’m a witness and I have seen cosmetic surgery and you should be at ease with Dr. Sheibani he’s great, he has turned me into a boob man which really wasn’t my favorite part of the woman’s body but I tell you now, it has made my life a lot more exciting, don’t worry you are in good hands with him, if you do as you’re told, everything will come out great.

Thanks Dr. we really appreciate you as a person and as a Dr. God bless you and your practice.

Da’Mone Batease
Thank you for giving me a NEW ME. It’s a miracle!

Love Maria
Dear Dr. Sheibani and Staff,

Thank you for your great care during the surgery and also your wonderful staff, Mirtiza, Steve, Diane, and Jennifer. Hopefully the final results will be just as great. Then I have a new patient for you, my wife and she has two friends that need your service too.

Thank you again

Very truly yours,
P Hatfield
I am in my early 30s and I found that the weight was not coming off like it use to, so I wanted to get liposuction. I went to one doctor to get more information. Then I saw an ad for the New Me Surgical Institute, a Medical Corporation and decided to check it out. When I came in, Dr. Sheibani was so nice, I thought something was wrong. He answered all my questions, gave me his background, then when he pulled out his marker and begin to sculpture my body. I had consulted with another doctor previously, and Dr. Sheibani was far more detail, the thing that impressed me was that he wanted me to look good.

I am one of those people who grew up in the south and we do not so things like this. I changed my mind twice, but one day I ran into a patient of Dr. Sheibani and she shared the total experience. I even asked the staff questions and they always had the right answers. When something is right it is right. After my surgery, I woke up and Steven was sitting there with a smile. I appreciated that.

I pray to God to continue to bless the hands of Dr. Sheibani, and his staff and their families. Los Angeles, is so full of phonies and people who try to get over, well that is not the case with New Me Surgical Institute, a Medical Corporation. They make you feel like a good home cooked Sunday meal at Mamma’s house!!!
Dear Dr. Sheibani,

First of all I want to take an opportunity and truly thank you for the great work you have done on my breast augmentation. I can’t tell you how much I like and enjoy me new look, and to be honest with you, thank your wonderful work, sometimes I even get confused if I had ever done surgery., it feels like I’ve always had beautiful looking breast. I’m very glad that after my on going research for plastic surgery doctor, I had finally found you, and the only reason I did that because I saw pictures of your work that were not even close to what I had seen in other doctors offices. At first I was really nervous about all surgery things, but after coming to your office for consultation, I was really sure and secure of my decision. And now that I know you I will definitely have my Abdominoplasty surgery done by you, no doubt about that. I also wanted to tell you that besides being a great doctor, you are also a wonderful and caring person. Also special thanks to your wonderful staff; Janice, Steve, Diana, they are all amazing people. In conclusion, I wish you all Happy New Year, joyful life, success in everything you do and I’m really looking forward to seeing you again.

Thank you very much again your patient,

Irina Arutinova
Dr Sheibani

Thank you for the beautiful new look you gave me! I love what you did and you have a customer for life.

Dear Dr. Sheibani, Janet, Joy, and my favorite, Steve

You guys are wonderful! You all made me feel so comfortable and helped me so much.
Janet my girl! Come to Hawaii, I’ll show you what’s up!
Joy you took such good care of me thanks for all the water.
Steve hey sexy man thanks for being so supportive. You are so cool, be good when I’m gone.
Dr. Sheibani you work miracles You made me perfect I can’t believe how awesome you are. I appreciate all your hard work and expertise I’m glad I made the right choice to come to you.

Thank you!

Love always, Maya
Dear Medical Director of New Me Surgical Institute, a Medical Corporation Dr. Sheibani,

The ear surgery was s o quick!

I am very pleased and satisfied with your work on my appearance. I feel that I can be much more confident about myself now. Great Job!

Dear Dr. Sheibani,

Thanks so much for the new breasts. They really came out really really nice and I and my husband love them.

Thanks so much.
Lacie Greenwood
Thank You Dr. Sheibani.

I am very happy with the results and the process.

Veronica P
Dear Dr. Sheibani,

Thank you so much for everything! I appreciate your great work and pleasant demeanor! You made me feel so special and so much better about myself!

I can’t thank you enough! I love my new look!

Love, Stacy Howell
Dear Dr. Sheibani,

Thank you for the beautiful new me!! I love my new look and am so happy I made the right decision!

Sincerely, Maggie

Serving each of you has truly been the highlight of not only my career as a surgeon, but my life!

Dear Dr. Sheibani,  Thank you so much for being there for me. You not only made me very happy with the surgeries you did but you also have been so kind and wonderful to me and made me feel like part of your family.  Thanks again for the past and present improvements.  Brittany ________________________________

Dear Dr. Sheibani,  Thank you so much for my Breast Augmentation. You made me look like I was born with these. Very tastefully done, I am so happy.  Love Always, Janie ________________________________

Dr Sheibani,  I am extremely happy with the outcome, there was no pain and through the belly button was the best way to go. Thank you so much for the nice breasts.  Lacie Spiller ________________________________

Dr. Sheibani,  I am forever grateful to you for the beautiful surgery. I am very pleased and satisfied with the quality care I received. I have never met a more caring and loving doctor. You truly have a good heart. You are a credit to your profession.  See you soon, Noemi ________________________________ 

Thank you for your great care, help, and putting up with my lateness (on the 1 to 3 hour drive each way)!  Thanks, Glenda Grammer ________________________________

Dr. Sheibani, Joy, Sexy Steve, and my girl Janet  Hey guys! I’m still in Hawaii my boobies are great!! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holiday thanks again for everything!!! Xoxoxoxoxo  Love Always, Maya ________________

You are all wonderful!  Love, Bridget Proll ________________________________

Dear Dr. Sheibani,  I just had to write you and tell you how thrilled I am with the new face and especially neck you gave me. I can’t begin to tell you!  Thank you for making me feel like family. Not only you but your entire staff. Janet and Judy are always so nice and there are no words to describe Jennifer. She is the greatest, next to you of course!!!  Thank you Dr. Sheibani  




Dear Dr. Sheibani and Staff at New Me Surgical Institute, a Medical Corporation,  

You and your staff are so very loving and supportive. From the moment I entered your office I could feel the warmth and compassion for your patients. There is a wonderful sense of calm and confidence that radiates from every person. My surgery was successful, no complications, no infections and I was not sick immediately after the surgery. Dr. Lebowitz was phenomenal. I look so beautiful and for the first time in my life I have a flat stomach. I look like a sculpture of Venus, but with arms. My Liposuction was a dream come true and I feel beautiful, sexy, and more confident. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, bottom, back and stomach. You are truly an artist.  Thank you,  The new, skinny, sexy, and happy 

Sharon Mack 


Dr. Sheibani,  I just wanted to say thank you. Since the first time I came here you guys make me feel like family. I’m so happy with the results, you are the best!  

Erika M ________________________________

Dr. Shane and staff,  Thank you, gracious, danka shane. I love you guys. For once in my life I don’t feel depressed in front of the mirror. I cant describe in words how that feels! I walk into a bar, restaurant, club, and I see it. Men and women checking me out, offering me their seats, bringing me drinks. But most of all I feel good about me.  Love & Kisses 

Cari D 


Dr. Sheibani,  

Thank you for your wonderful work. I feel and look great! My friends and family are very pleased with your work!! They all can’t wait to come see you!!  




Dearest Dr. Shane,  

I cant express enough to you how much I appreciate all of your hard work, compassion and most of all, making me feel like you really do care. It must have been fate that I found you. I am so happy with the results of my tummy tuck and everything is healing very nicely. It helped having you to lean on. I am looking forward to our next procedure. I also would like to extend my appreciation to your wonderful staff an to Dr. Steve; he makes me smile.  Sincerely, 

Vikki M 


Dear Dr. S  

I went from not being confident with my appearance, to feeling handsome! Since you’ve created my NEW ME, I will be thankful for the rest of my days! You really are an artist at your craft and my nose is a masterpiece!  Thanks a million! 

David A 


Dr Sheibani, Steve, Janet, Diane, and Jennifer  Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful NEW ME experience. From day one you were all so warm and friendly and made me feel so comfortable as if we have known each other a lifetime.  The outcome of my surgery is a dream come true! If anyone has questions or doubts please feel free to give them my phone #.  

Jan Cramer 


Its been 1 month later Dr. Sheibani said I’d get 20-30% improvement. However, I see 70% improvement and can happily look at myself again. You Dr. Sheibani have given me the most priceless gift. Thank you for all your support! 


Dr. Sheibani, Steve & Staff,  Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my breast implants and liposuction. My life and self image has changed drastically. My best to you and your wife, Steve, and great staff.  Thank you, 

Maureen E


Dear Dr. Sheibani,  

I just wanted to thank you for your great work. You have done liposuction on me on the abdomen, belly, sides, and trunks, as well as the upper arms. Here we are 6 months after the surgery and everything is fabulous like a sculpture. My life has changed thanks to you and your staff!  Thank you, 



I want to thank the office for addressing my time constraints and needs and making time for my surgery. I understand the demands I put on the office and despite the pressure everyone remained professional and understanding throughout the process. And for that I truly thank everyone.  

Kimyee Ross


Dear Sheibani,  What an excellent work you done on me! WOW! The liposuction on my stomach, lower abs, and upper abs are completely flat! I am very confident wearing my two piece and people compliment my stomach all the time. Your staff are sooooo great! Thanks to Judy and Janet. These people are great friends. Thank you Thank you!!!  



Dearest Dr. Sheibani,  

I HAVE BREASTS!! Thanks to you. Pretty breasts. I would like to commend you on my surgery you conducted. It is a remarkable job well done! Im so happy now! I can look in the mirror and feel I look sexy! I’m no longer insecure especially around guys. I definitely feel more proportioned, such as my chest now matching my butt and hips! May I say it was totally worth it! I took off 4 days and was right back to work, school, and my life! Much love and smooches.


Thank You For Defending Me Carole!

AUTHOR: Caroleflower – 

SUBMITTED: Saturday, July 06, 2013

I just have to say I’m in shock! Dr Sheibani did my breast aug almost 10 years ago, along with my friend! My breasts still look amazing & everybody thinks they are real! I have my mamogram every year, & I have had the techs ask me where did I have them done cause they look so good! Dr Shane was very compassionate & kind, & I could only afford over theuscle procedure, when I arrived bright & early..he began marking my chest & said “lets do this right, I want you to be a good example of my work so he did the implants under the muscle! Im so happy & proud of my breasts! I would have gone back to him again! I trusted him & sent another friend to him that was happy with her results too!!