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 Dr. New Me Quotes 2012

“The perpetual losers get to feel like winners from time to time by making sure they never take any chances, but watch from afar with a heart full of fear and jealousy of those achievers who do! Real success is rarely achieved without taking risks, overcoming challenges, and falling, yet getting back up over, and over again!
The failures of the achievers give the occasional feeling of success to the losers! When achievers fail and fall, others may count them out! However, those who are true achievers are battle-hardened warriors. They are used to the fight, the struggle, the fall, and the challenges. They have felt the pain of defeat, and they have gotten back up over and over again, each time learning many lessons, and becoming stronger, wiser, and better than before. Transformed into better warriors, developing a will more solid, the resilience to survive yet another battle, and the ability to rise from the ashes like a phoenix again!  But ultimately, when true success comes to the achievers in life, the losers discount their achievements with claims such as “luck”, “cheating” or “unfair!”

Advice to a Man Looking for Love In a Materialistic World:

“Women are usually practical in their thinking, while most men are idealistic. Women usually think of their future family’s security, and today, among other things, it generally translates into money and income! But to find the ultimate fit in life, as a man, you need to just pursue your calling, proceed to do that which you are fully passionate about with all your soul, and give it all of you! You will in time attract the partner who sees her future security in being with you, and shares your passions as well!!
Women are like beautiful signing birds! They are looking for the right garden to build their home in! The garden they are seeking is in your soul! Attend your inner garden! Care for it! Take care of it! Pay attention to it. Give your inner garden the care, love and attention it needs in order to be fruitful, green and lush! In time, you will find the woman of your dreams like a beautiful signing bird would be attracted to a beautiful garden. She will find her security within the boundaries of your spiritual garden!”

In addressing a highly educated professional man disappointed in love:

“You are an amazing man with an amazingly sincere and kind soul and a well-meaning heart.
However, life gets lonely no matter who you are.
Albert Einstein has a great quote:
“It is strange to be known so universally, and yet to be so lonely!”
The smarter and more intellectually gifted you are; the more spiritual you become, and the greater of a being you become, and all in all, the more people do not fit into your life.
People like you, some of the top individuals in the world create the top few percent of the world’s population. By definition, that means most of the world’s population does not quite understand you! Out of the tiny percent that does, you each have different sets of interests, spiritual, social, political, and personal interests, live in very different geographic time zones, and are very busy. Hence, even among the minority of the population that you are a part of, it is so much less possible to locate an individual who is a good fit to be a close friend of yours, let alone as a lover, and then hundreds of times harder to find one who can become a spouse with all the peripheral baggage yu both have at an older. more mature age as professionals!!
That being said, it is normal, and perfectly understandable that you have had the experiences that you have had in your social life if they have been less than ideal!
So, now, here we are. What should you do now?”
“Remember, people do what people do, more than once! If your lover has done it before to others, the chances are your lover will do it to you!!
If your lover has done it to you once, the chances are your lover will most likely do it to you again! 
Imagine how you would have felt if you uprooted your whole life for your lover, and your lover left you for someone else!”
“In your personal life, unlike in the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy, you always make the right decision for your own sake. it has to be the decision that benefits you the most. if it helps someone else, then that is great. Until you are mutually committed in love!”
“Life teaches us a great deal of things! Some through joyful experiences like success, some through neutral ones like school, and the most lasting, and often most valuable, life-changing, transformative lessons that we learn the most from, and we will never forget, are those learned through the painful experiences!”
“Ultimately, how much of our power we give away to others is our own choice. Listening to others’ suggestions, recommendations or experiences is intelligent. Giving away our power of decision to anyone else is a weakness. We are free to abstain from giving our power away knowing that ultimately we alone are held accountable for our decisions.”
“In business, as in life, people don’t care much about what you say! They watch your actions. They only care as to what you do!”
“The First True Love could be a union of partnerships that complete each other, and help each other become much more than the addition of the skill sets of the two of them. It is a magic. It is not a 1+1! It is a different kind of magical math. In spiritual terms, their spiritual vessels join, and they become a vessels, like a shuttle, and suddenly they can fly. The two of them are co-pilots. That is why the term Soulmate is used to describe that type of union. Each lover in the shared life occupies one of the two seats of the copilots.
When they are a great match, the soulmates can navigate and copilot their vessel together so perfectly, that there is little chance when one is lost, any other person can replace that lost partner! For as long as the one remaining partner lives, that remaining pilot may never be able to find another partner that fits quite the same, ever again! There may always be a vacuum upon that loss, which will never be filled by anyone else, and that is a devastating loss for one’s soul.
That is why we need to teach our kids to not think of the first relationship as a trial relationship, or just for fun. It is not! It could be the most significant relationship of their life! It could make or break them! They must be taught to wait for that first love to be a real, meaningful love, and to not take it for granted when it comes about! The first break up could be heartbreaking, causing a lifetime of spiritual devastation, derailing one off of his/her spiritual path for a very long time, sometimes forever!”
“In the public’s eyes, it is not what you are that matters as much as it is what others think you are that matters.”
“I keep being reminded that – Life is Now! In the present moment! So many people I loved, and waited for the right time to do great things with are no longer alive, or no longer in my life! I have no memories of those days that could have been!”
“We must choose; are we going to let our mind become a graveyard holding deep inside it the memories that could have been but never were, by not daring to do those things that we always wanted to do, but were too afraid to, or are we going to dare and as a result celebrate all the memories that are, no matter if these memories are good or not so good, of our triumphs and failures, with those we love, and record them forever by maintaining permanent memories of them through pictures and videos?”
“When we focus on what is wrong today, we can’t wait till today ends! By so doing, we forget all the good things that we have today, and all the things that we could be enjoying today! Today goes by fast, tomorrow comes and then we realize how many great things we had in our life that we forgot to enjoy! We realize we lost out on so much! We were so busy trying to get to tomorrow that we forgot to enjoy life! Gratitude is a powerful remedy for this problem! Being grateful for all that we have! Eyes, ears, arms, legs, bowels, liver, kidneys, heart, bladder, etc.! What if any of these did not work when we woke up in the morning?
We must do our best to just focus our attention on all the many great things in our lives, every day, and even moment to moment, and enjoy them to the fullest!
Tomorrow will come when it does! We do the same tomorrow. Sticking a bunch of positive moments makes positive minutes, positive minutes stock together make positive hours, positive hours put together to create positive days, and thousands of positive days will make a very positive life!”
“Money sometimes can become a double-edged sword! We need it and it is a great blessing when we do have it, but it can also take over our lives if we let It become our only motivation and drive!
Money is only a tool. The key to preventing it from taking over the control of our lives is to keep a healthy balance. No matter how much money we have, someone else will most likely have more. No matter how much money we earn, it can’t buy us an iota of happiness or an hour of life! Realizing how worthless, in the true human sense of the word, money alone really is, will hopefully make us realize that exchanging our life for money without a higher purpose, without a deeper meaning, and without the things that truly make life worth living, will make life meaningless. For most people, coming home every day to an empty, but luxurious mansion, with a car collection, devoid of love is not the definition of a happy life!
No matter how big of a bank account one has, if no one truly matters to share the money with, I doubt all that money means much to most people! Money is a great tool to provide safety, comfort, convenience, and other things within reason, as long as there is a purpose for existence that gives life a big enough reason to be happy and feel fulfilled!
Usually, for most men, to be fulfilled, one needs to be busy with an endeavor that provides him with the satisfaction that he is doing something worthwhile with his life, and even perhaps following his inner calling and being fruitful!”
“We are ultimately fortunate if we find that which we are gifted to do in life; doing it to earn at least our minimal financial requirement so that we can maintain our minimal needs!”
“The true fruit of our work is our non-monitory gains such as our spiritual fulfillment, our emotional happiness, and our psychological health as well as the pride we feel as men, being able to provide for our family, care for them, and be the best version of ourselves! “
“Learn to welcome rejection; because every no, gets you one step closer to a yes, and every rejection takes you closer to an ultimate acceptable outcome!”
“Not all rules are perfect rules. To challenge or rewrite the rules, we must first understand why they have come about, and master them!”
“The Rules of Life are relatively simple! Just treat others as you want to be treated! The world is an energy world! Everything is made of energy! Generate positive energy within yourself through gratitude and put it out constantly! When you have gratitude, you will love God! You will love your parents! You will love your life, body, spouse, and children! You would want to rest and spend time with them! You will start to feel happy and feel good inside, putting positive vides externally. Your relationships with others improve. Little by little your life improves substantially. Your life transforms. What makes life complicated is the difficulty in accepting and following Rules in life that are imposed, but if you think about it, if we are practicing gratitude moment to money, as a habit, we suddenly realize that, it is not a stretch to follow the ten commandments and positive humanitarian rules, as they are what we do any way! We love God! We respect God and do not disrespect His Name! We have gratitude for our parents and all that they have given us! All the commandments and humanitarian practices suddenly are a byproduct of practicing gratitude on an ongoing and regular basis!”
“Unless we are willing to risk and do what seems very difficult; it is very unlikely that we would taste ultimate fulfillment in our life! But just because something is hard to do; that doesn’t make it the right thing to do! Savvy and experience comes with age and a true genius is the one who doesn’t run from great challenges, yet finds the easiest ethical path to overcome them! There is no honor in suffering, honor is in overcoming challenges with our heads held high. The gifts in these challenges are the growth and the knowledge that are the byproduct of the struggles, and the eventual resolution of the issues. The growth and transformation come from the experiences and the lessons that are part of dealing with challenges in life!”
“I heard on a television show the greatest quote ever; I paraphrase: –(Yes, the law has done a twist on us again!…if someone is smart enough, he can make the law stand on its head and sing the Star Spangled & Banner if he wanted to… and the law being the law, there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!)– so true! Most times, they say, when it comes to justice in court, it all depends on how much justice you can afford! When your opponents have an army of lawyers and you have none, I doubt if you can have much justice on your side!”
“When you are looking to find your true life’s calling, just passively deciding about your goal is not enough. You must have total conviction in your heart, mind, and soul! You have to be one hundred percent committed to achieving your goal; and be passionate about it! In the process of any endeavors – especially when you are attending school -circumstances will very often arise, most of which are out of your control, which makes it feel almost impossible to continue on your chosen path. While you are struggling along the path in pursuit of your dreams, it will become so hard that many times you would want to give up and quit. It is a whole lot easier and would feel like a huge relief! But you must love your goal so much that you will keep going no matter how difficult it gets. To achieve your goal, if you don’t have that kind of passion, commitment, and single-minded devotion, you will most likely not succeed! So, make sure you decide very single-mindedly, with all your heart, soul, and might, and that this is what you are meant to do! Make sure it is the thing that is right for you! Would you do this, even if they don’t pay you to do it? For free, just for the fun of it?
To tap into my Inner Spiritual DNA to decide about extremely important decisions in my life, I almost always use my own Death-Bed Inventory Exercise! I have outlined it in one of my books! I wrote this book in 2005! I suggest you read it and follow it! Practicing this will also change your life for the better as it has mine!”
“Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is to agree with yourself to be happy with doing nothing. Some of the smartest people are those who can decide when to do things, and what to do in various situations, but even wiser than them are those who know when to do nothing! We don’t always have to do something! We do not have to react to everything and in every situation! Being able to stay calm and not do anything when a normal, reactive response is to respond with emotion, can turn an ordinary person into a leader! The opposite is also true! Responding emotionally can destroy a leader!”
“When my significant other isn’t a pain in my pants, I often feel like I’m stuck on an island all alone! My world feels completely de-populated! It feels like almost everything I am used to is missing “
“Some men complain that their wives claim they know everything!
That does not apply to me! My wife doesn’t claim she knows everything! She just hates it when I don’t know everything!!”
“As a father, the greatest feeling of calm satisfaction that I experience is when I watch my girls from the corner of the room and I realize that they are growing into happy, confident, and intelligent young ladies. No satisfaction is more deeply felt and enjoyable. Financial, professional, or educational achievements are great, but what truly lasts a lifetime, to the end is the satisfaction of parenthood. We are programmed by nature to parent children, and if we focus our attention on that primary responsibility, no matter what else happens in life, we are more likely to feel an ever-lasting inner satisfaction.”
“Anytime in life when I have worried that things will never get better and lost hope, life has softly proven me wrong. Every time, just by my mere commitment to overcoming great seemingly overwhelming obstacles, those situations not only have proven to be simply no match for my will, but they also have proven to be the greatest opportunities for my growth, for my life to become better and for me to become stronger. All I had to do was to step back, relax, and not give in and not give up! Have gratitude for all your many blessings, starting with your eyes, ears, tongue, throat, gut, arms, heart, lungs, bowels, kidneys, liver, bowels, arms, legs, etc. and today will start to feel great. Do your best with whatever you have. That is all that is expected of you and that is all that you can do.There is always a tomorrow! If there is not, then there is nothing to worry about! If you wake up tomorrow, you will have a positive, thankful day and give it your best shot! That is all you can do! Life will continue to be good!”
“Time is our best friend when it comes to overcoming problems, no matter how great they seem. Just all I have learned we need to do is give the problem TIME to work itself out! In the meanwhile, while that aspect of life works itself out, our life has numerous other aspects that can have the chance to flourish and evolve! When life in one aspect seems to come to a halt, focus your mind on other many aspects that you could improve and move forward.”
“Talk to your soul, and listen to its advice! In a mental space of peace, in silence, in a quiet place, devoid of anger, demands, needs, and pressures from anyone, open yourself up to your inner self, to the light within! Follow it, no matter how difficult! Your soul knows where you must be heading in life, and knows when you arrive!”
“As much as you can, try to stay in ONE PLACE, focus on ONE THING, and GROW your ROOTS & LIMBS. STAY PLANTED & GROW! Every time you move, you cut your roots (connections and people you know, who know you!)
You may wake up one day and you find yourself still looking for a chance!!! You create your chance by focusing like a laser beam and staying committed to whatever you are passionate about!”
“When we are young, we live with a certain set of beliefs and attitudes that are based on seeing ourselves as the center of our universe and we may falsely think that we are perpetual or even indestructible. Death may seem so far away and life so long and forever. Later as we grow older, experiences of life humble us to realize that although we can make a difference in our world, when we put our whole existence in perspective, we are but a small drop in the ocean of life. It is not to make us feel worthless or negligible but to appreciate every relationship, every day, and every experience as it is what life is made of, and in the blink of an eye, it could all end! We start to realize how finite and unpredictable life is, and how we can not take it for granted! We realize that we have responsibilities to others, and life is not all about ourselves and we are not the center of the universe. We don’t take anything with us, and we can choose to be forgotten as soon as we die, or we can leave a legacy that makes us eternal! That legacy depends on how many people in this world we have touched and how we have served this world when we were alive! We are like a candle burning and melting a little every day! We can waste our light burning in isolation, busy lighting our own individual space for our benefit, or we can burn for the sake of others, lighting the world! I choose to burn and melt for the world! How about you?”
“Material things are necessities for our existence but we must learn to not become a slaves to them! Whether it is money, real estate, vehicles, or anything else material, it is to serve us and not for us to live in its pursuit! We must practice to be happy as a minimalist!
We can never have them all!
How many beds do we sleep in each night? How many rooms is that bed in?
So what does a single man need an eight, ten, twelve-bedroom home for? 
How many cars you drive at a time to go from point A to point B? How much food do you need before you feel full? How many pairs of shoes do you need to walk in to get to work? Most times, we have way more than enough!
There is no deficiency in this world to eradicate hunger, famine, homelessness, poverty, and almost all the social issues that our world is dealing with! What is lacking is the will and collaboration!”