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DrNewMe 2011 Quotes

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Quotes by Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson):

1. “We can always be looking back in regret and be wondering “What If…?” but isn’t a better question to ask of ourselves: “What is next…?” and then “What else…? and again later ask “What now…?  What I have come to realize is that our inner soul has the greatest compass ever designed. Our soul naturally has been programmed to know down to the DNA level as to where we must be in life and also knows when we arrive. It also knows when we are on the right path or off of the right path. We just must be willing to listen, adjust our direction in life and then once we are on the right path, our job is to keep going.” 
______Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
2. “Feeling truly happy requires one’s ability to appreciate those things he has and to be fine with the lack of those things he wishes he had. 
IF one has ALL he needs at ALL times, the appreciation of what one does have is reduced so greatly that it leads to a feeling of entitlement and eventually unhappiness!”
                   __ Dr. New Me
(Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
3. Yes life is a balancing act!
______Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
4. A good friend will not just agree with everything you say even if he disagrees with your opinion! He’ll tell you as it is!
______Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
5. “Let’s not forget through the year, 
To enjoy each day with good cheer!”
  ___Dr. New Me(Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
6. Your Certainty minus your Doubts equal your potential for success! 
______Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
7. The more confidence you have in your own abilities, the more successful you can become!  
______Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
8. Confidence comes from our ability to survive adversity! 
______Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
9. “To change the world for the better, we each must look in the mirror and change ourselves!! We deserve BETTER!!! Wish us all the ULTIMATE HEAVENLY WORLD WE DESERVE; now!”___Dr. New Me
______Dr. New Me (Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson)
10. “GOD is GOODNESS! If you Love GOD; Just do GOOD and you can call GOD whatever name your SOUL resonates with!”
 ______ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
11. “Often, great dreams call for great sacrifices!”
 ______ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
12. “As a faithful People, to achieve our calling is not about our numbers but about the strength of our faith!”
 ______ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
13. “Leaving a stable condition or relationship does cause some temporary instability! Yes! But sometimes there is no stability in certain relationships or situations to begin with! So lack of that relationship or situation causes more of a stability!”
 ______ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
14. “One thing I have learned is when the world seems to be going in all kinds of directions; I like to anchor myself to something solid and watch things from somewhere stable and solid afar from the chaos! No sense of letting the Chaos take over our life too!”
____ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
Dr. New Me
15. “Think and live BIG– not just financially but spiritually as well!”
 ______ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
16. “Leadership Tact is the Skill and Capability of the leader to ignite such fire in his flock that moves them towards his intended goal while they step with fire in their belly!”
      _________ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
Dr. New Me
17. “The person who has compelling enough reasons for his struggles will find a way!
____ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
Dr. New Me
18. “ALL Physicians are humans except those who are from the planet Mars in which case they are Marsians.” As such all physicians are entitled to the same rights as any American is, even if the Medical Establishments and Administrators don’t care to acknowledge this reality!  
___ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
Dr. New Me
19. “Read every quote that you can get your hands on authored by a person who has made a success of his life in one good way or another! Each quote is usually a reflection of a deep seated belief that has contributed to his success! Your brain will eventually adopt the same beliefs and help push you right to the top of your game in your fields of endeavor!”___Dr. Daniel S. Sheibani Davidson; Dr. New Me
20. “The measure of a man’s Best effort is nothing but that man’s own conscience! To be fully content make sure you always do your absolute best, under the circumstances, moment to moment!
After you do your absolute best, nothing else matters!”
_________ Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson (Dr. NewMe)
Dr. New Me
21. “Diamond is not worth much as a rock; a piece of carbon like charcoal! But the pressures over the years turn it into diamond! Metals are pieces of rock; but by heat and pressure turn into valuable goods!  
Metal-smith heats the metal and before it melts bangs it by a heavy hammer into shape; using heat and pressure to mold it into an eternal beautiful asset! Just like Metal and Diamond take shape and become valuable by mere pressure; so too people become who they are meant to be only if they are willing to tolerate the pressures of life that are meant to shape them; and they do not give up! After we reach a higher level closer to our ultimate calling; we must be willing to leave our protected comfortable environment and move to where our new self can manifest its intended future! To achieve ultimate fulfillment in life, we must be willing to risk by leaving our comfort zone. This is not painless nor is it easy! Think of a bird; a butterfly or seed of a tree; none will materialize if they each fail to tolerate the breakage of the comfort of the walls within which they are each comfortable! Every birth of any being requires similar processes made up of:  Breaking of the wall of that being’s egg, seed or womb in order to expel the new borne through pressure and even pain into a new existence!
Where pain and pressure seem to be intolerable and you realize a change is inevitable; celebrate your impending re-birth; start getting ready for what is outside the walls of the comfortable place you spend your days and nights at! You are evolving into something more, consistent with your Ultimate YOU; soon you will be emerging as that person who you were borne to be in life! Believe it and you shall see it! It takes continued tolerance and beli
22. “Becoming your calling you must learn to live with confidence despite the ongoing pressures and pains in life!
To Keep on Living with TOTAL CONFIDENCE, two things are Absolutely required:
1. The Belief in an omnipotent pure power that knows ALL and has planned you to be your ultimate calling in this life-time; all tests in life are coming to prepare you for that future ultimate You! 
2. The Knowing that the ultimate life and your ultimate calling is coming in the Better Tomorrow designed by he who has made you! No matter what, you must not quit!! 
“When you think about the foundation of a relationship, it’s finally ultimately all about respect and then eventually comes trust and love!”
24. “Money: you don’t appreciate it enough until you have experienced its lack!
Money is not bad, it is a blessing, it is our relationship and points of views about money that drives it into our lives or out of it!”
25. “You may possess things. But you may not be possessed by those things. Wish for abundance and freedom; not for mere physical things!”
26. “Broke is a temporary state, poor is for ever; Feel, act and live as wealthy does; even if you are temporarily broke; as long as you are true to your vision, to your commitment and to your intentions; it is OK to experience the temporary lack that comes with the pursuit of your dreams!”
__Dr. New Me
(D.  Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD)

"True Friends:

Do you have any friends who would risk their own life to save yours? I am not sure if there are that many of them out there!! But they do exist!! Who give you money you need when they need it themselves; even if they have to borrow it to lend you! Who stand by you when they too would be scrutinized and subject to ridicule or even attack?
You know your friends when you truly need them!!”
__Dr. New Me (D.  Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD)
“When our TRUE friends have shown their real marks; they are worth being a TRUE FRIEND to! 
I have decided that I will be in par in friendship to that which others demonstrate in their friendship to me! I think that is the fairest way to treat friends!” 
__Dr. New Me (D.  Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD)
“My delusion is that I am happy!!! No matter who says otherwise!”
__Dr. New Me (D.  Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD)
“Sometimes people around us (most while meaning well) want to manipulate us to do what they want us to do; and directly or indirectly hint that we are not happy! The key is to do the right things in our own life, although it seems to be or is “not all fun and games”!”
__Dr. New Me (D.  Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD)
“Sometimes people around us (most while meaning well) want to manipulate us to do what they want us to do (usually because they think they know what is best for us); and directly or indirectly hint that we are not happy! The key is to do the right things in our own life, although it seems to be or is “not all fun and games”!”
__Dr. New Me (D.  Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD)
“There is usually a solution for every problem; But some times there just isn’t! We do all we can and there is simply no solution! That is when we grow-up! We accept reality and lick our wounds and get over it!” 
__Dr. New Me (D.  Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD)
“Trust and respect in relationships are earned hand-in-hand by those involved! Trust and Respect are arguably the most significant feelings we can have towards those we are in a relationship with. Trust and Respect are to a relationship as the roots and barks are to a tree, they hold the relationship intact! They must be earned if they are to last and not just bestowed upon us! We must constantly prove worthy by manifesting integrity, decency and  consideration to earn respect and trust!
While respect and trust must be constantly earned in a relationship, we can give and receive love to each other even if we haven’t earned it! Love and passion are to a relationship as the branches, leaves and fruits are to a tree!  For love to last, we must maintain respect and trust toward each other!
So, in a significant relationship it is a priority that we work to earn trust and respect;  having the assurance that in due time love most likely will follow!”
Dr. New Me. Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD, ND, MBA, FAACS
“If absence grows heart fonder; since you are both working ALL the time, and always absent; then you two must be super-fond of each other by now! — On a more serious note; love is like a plant; it requires nourishment; attention, warmth, light of day and fertile ground to grow. Don’t forget to give your love all it needs, no matter how busy you are!”
Dr. New Me. D. Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD
“You wanna meet the Master Of Mistakes! ‘T is me! Dr. New Me!!
The proudest man who boasts about his mistakes is most likely me! And that proves I have no  bragging rights in this area and I am not the smartest! There hardly goes a day by that I don’t make one! But I try to not make the same one twice and to learn from them all and at least I make a new one everyday! I even look back and try to remember them!”
        ___Dr. New Me D. Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD
“The smartest man is the one who has committed all the mistakes he needed to make in order to master his own life and now he is not the one who learns from his own mistakes any more, but one who learns from the mistakes of others!”
       ___Dr. New Me D. Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD
“Unless we are willing to risk and do what seems very difficult; it is very unlikely that we would taste ultimate fulfillment in our life! But just because it’s hard to do; that doesn’t make it the right thing to do! Savvy and experience comes with age and a true genius is the one who doesn’t run from great challenges; yet finds the easiest ethical path to overcome them! There is NO honor in suffering; BUT HONOR IS in OVERCOMING!”
       ___Dr. New Me D. Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD
“When it comes to “purpose of life”; only each person for himself can find the purpose for his creation! But we each do have our own “purpose of life”. To find yours,  “Inquire Within”!”
       ___Dr. New Me D. Shane Sheibani Davidson, MD
What makes a man’s true value Shahin; can you tell me???? Not perceived but true? And what makes the perceived value of a man?
His true worth is a combination of potential, intellect, goodness (ultimate human values of kindness, integrity, benefit to the universe, respectability,…)
Perceived value is title, wealth, potential, confidence, stability 
Million Dollar Question: How can one be on the highest possible level of both no matter where he truly is in life at any given time?
I am thinking about this myself too! It is pretty deep when you think about it! The whole thing is a perception and feeling in your own mind and in other’s mind!

Combination of:

Title, (wealth), confidence, stability, potential, intellect, goodness (ultimate human values of kindness, integrity, benefit to the universe, respectability,...)

So if we made sure all the above states in our minds and life come true, would the other (wealth) come true?

First principle is that u must never fool yourself and u are the easiest person to fool. Feynman

I LOVE this! I screwed myself up a couple of times royally with my decisions, later finding out that I had fooled myself into thinking the other person was who I thought she was! Does that make sense?! It is usually based on our impression of other people! Oprah always quotes “when they show you who they are the first time; believe them!”
“It is a “mistake” only when we stop moving in the direction of our dreams after we make it; otherwise it is only a “Lesson” that puts us one step closer to our ultimate goal! Every mistake is a lesson that shows us one more thing that doesn’t work so that we can try something new!”
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
“Our “Life’s Rewards” are proportional to our positive outcomes and accomplishments. The number and greatness of our accomplishments are proportional to the number of mistake we are willing to make and with our ability to learn from our mistakes”
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
“Any healthy able-bodied person must be able to earn himself a descent living no matter where he is! If he can’t do that, the “problem” is not where he lives, nor anything else, it is his beliefs!”
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
“Behind every dark night there shall come a beautiful sunny day, but you must be willing to patiently wait.”
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
“No matter what life does to us we are still valuable as is a wrinkled, crushed $100 bill! Plus we have more experience to share as a result! Go out there with confidence and have a great day!”
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
“Just one thing at a time is allowed to enter and take valuable-space in your mind only! You; as almost all people of the world can’t do more than one thing at each given time anyways. Why cripple your mind by allowing more than one concern in? The sooner you get that one thing that you are focused on done, the sooner you can do other things!”
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
“As it is in our heart, mind and soul; so it will be in our life! We each have a great heart, a great mind and a great soul; that is the essence of who we are. If we surround our world with Love; Calm  and Joy; so will be the essence of our life!
Dr. Daniel Davidson
“Surround yourself with good people and avoid the smallest bad intentions! Moment to moment check to be centered in every aspect of your existence and don’t stop working on it until you are centered!”
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
“When it comes to prayer remember that:
“Spoken language is merely a series of squeaks. ”Alfred North Whitehead
It is not the mere words that make your prayers powerful and recognized but the sincerity and kindness of your purpose. Pray for the good of others and that of yourself, from the depth of your heart and soul! 
The “Prayer of Good People” who want good for themselves and others can’t be futile!”
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
“Make a point of checking your thoughts, words and actions moment to moment! Stay in Neutral or as close to it as possible and your life will change in matter of days!” Dr. Daniel Davidson.
Unconditional Love makes life heaven and makes sex climax of a heavenly experience!
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
It is the perception of the mind that makes the reality so?
Dr. Daniel Davidson.
If you don’t feed and take care of your horses, donkeys and dogs; They either die or end up serving someone else! Same is true of people in your business and life! Except people are not happy with mere minimum! You need to give them maximum you possibly can! If  you give them maximum and they still are not happy; there are two possibilities; most likely you must do more than you are doing; but if it is not possible to please them even when you have clearly done all there is in your power to do; then accept the reality that you are better off if they are gone! ~experience 09-13-2011 Dr. Daniel Davidson.
I just saw you in my dream Tom! We joined in an effort to change the world! Strange dream! You must be up to something and calling on others! I am with you!
“To our inner power and our true existence, who ever we are! 
CHEERS!! Dr. Daniel Davidson.
I have no interest to hate all those who hate me as I am fully occupied loving the world!
To our inner power and our true existence, who ever we are! CHEERS
Dr. Daniel Davidson